Best Child Proof Sliding Door Lock

8 Best Child Proof Sliding Door Lock

A sliding door lock can make a parent’s life so much easier, especially if the little ones like to explore around the house. I reviewed many sliding door locks and encountered eight that offered optimal results. The products mentioned here are reliable, resistant, and safe for kids and adults alike.

In this guide, I will also talk about everything you must know to find the best childproof sliding door lock. I will cover stuff like what to look for in a door lock, why you should buy one, and how the products compare to each other.

Knowing this information will help you make your final decision on which lock to buy.

Let’s start with a brief comparison chart to catch a small glimpse of what these door locks have in store.

Comparison Chart

OKEFAN 4 Pack Baby Safety Slide Window Door  Locks  
Quantity: Four Pack
Type: Hinge
Material: ABS Plastic
Positions: Adjustable
Installation : 3M Adhesive Tape
Securityman Child Proof Sliding Door Lock Bar with Anti Lift Lock  
Quantity: Two Pack
Type: Bar
Material: High-Grade Iron
Positions: Adjustable
Installation : Requires Drilling
Sure Basics Child Proof Locks for Sliding Glass Doors  
Quantity: Two Pack
Type: Hinge
Material: PP Material
Positions: Adjustable
Installation : Adhesive
Sure Basics Child Proof Locks for Sliding Glass Doors  
Quantity: Two Pack
Type: Hinge
Material: LEXAN
Positions: Adjustable
Installation : Adhesive
Sure Basics Child Proof Locks for Sliding Glass Doors  
Quantity: Single Pack
Type: Spring Loaded
Material: Plastic
Positions: Adjustable
Installation : Requires Drilling
Toddleroo by North States Sliding Door & Window Lock for Kids
Quantity: Single Pack
Type: Slide & Release
Material: ABS Material
Positions: Adjustable
Installation : VHB Adhesive
Safety 1st Sliding Door Child Lock
Quantity: Single Pack
Type: Side-Edge Lock
Material: Plastic
Positions: Adjustable
Installation : Requires Drilling
Safetynex Child Safety Lock for Sliding Doors with Pre-applied Double-sided Adhesive
Quantity: Four Pack
Type: Hinge
Material: Plastic
Positions: ABS Plastic
Installation : Adhesive

Top 8 Picks for the Best Child Proof Sliding Door Lock

I tested many door locks of different styles and sizes, but only eight managed to be childproof. These devices keep even the most energetic child safe behind a locked door, which feels satisfying and rewarding as a parent. Here’show these door locks earned their place on this list.

1. OKEFAN 4 Pack Baby Safety Slide Window Door Locks

This lock is unique and, therefore, the best sliding glass door locks out of the bunch. It has a construction of ABS plastic, a spring made of stainless steel, and 3m adhesive tape that is both strong and resistant. These elements make the lock effective even if you open and close the doors regularly.

The lock is easy to mount next to the door shelf, and you must press the two buttons simultaneously to make it work. This process brings the door to a sudden stop and keeps it in place to prevent small children from using their little fingers to slam the door open or shut it accidentally.

Besides being durable, the stainless steel spring is elastic. It allows the device to lock or unlock smoothly to secure a patio door or window in just a few seconds. This high-quality spring manages to work continuously without budging to pulls or tugs of the little ones.

The only downside to this product is that it can be a bit bulky, and the door may make slight contact with it. Luckily, this issue doesn’t affect the performance of the lock.


  • A super-strong adhesive that sticks to walls entirely
  • The rubber bumper provides more safety
  • Simple to install and use
  • Long-lasting performance with quality materials


  • The lock is bulky

2. Securityman Child Proof Sliding Door Lock Bar with Anti Lift Lock

Here’s the perfect alternative to traditional locks that aren’t strong nor sturdy. This product is a large lock bar created with high-grade iron, a strong material that withstands 350 pounds of force.

These bars are also adjustable to fit most glass doors. Mounting two bars give you the option to set them between 19-33.25 inches, while three bars bring the adjustment level from 35.5 to 51 inches.

Installing this product is a bit of a hassle because you have to do some drilling. Plus, you need a proper door frame to install the bar lock. The instructions and guidelines are helpful, but it’s still necessary to put more effort and time into getting the job done.

This bar lock has an anti-lift design to remain in place even if the children try pushing it upward. Another benefit is that the lock works as a visual deterrent if thieves try to break into your home.


  • An adjustable set of bar locks for easier customization
  • Easy to store vertically and consumes less space
  • The bar lock remains in place due to the anti-lift design
  • Sleek aesthetics


  • This product isn’t that easy to install

3. Sure Basics Child Proof Locks for Sliding Glass Doors

This accessory features non-toxic and odorless high-quality PP material with a double-sided design. One of the sides has a paper backing, which is easy to peel off and reveals an adhesive tape that sticks to metal, wood, plastic, and more surfaces.

Using this product is also a breeze. Place it against the overlapping door and pull with your finger to lock it or lift and press it down flat to unlock it.

The pack includes two child-proof safety locks for slider doors and windows. Each piece measures 3×2 inches, and they fold down to guarantee lock-free access.

Before installing the product, check if there’s at least 7mm of clearance between the window or door gap to attach the lock without interference. Place it on a clean surface, and keep it unlocked for a day to allow the adhesive to stick completely.


  • It works for doors and windows
  • Non-toxic construction for child safety
  • Easy to install without extra tools
  • Locking and unlocking is easy


  • The plastic material breaks with ease

4. Burglabar Sliding Basement Windows Child Safety Lock

This self-locking hinge type lock features LEXAN, a transparent and sturdy material that keeps the doors locked under most circumstances. On the back, the door lock has a resistant adhesive that sticks to surfaces tightly to make the accessory childproof.

Mounting this accessory is easy, and the crystal-clear design allows it to blend with the rest of the room seamlessly.

The adhesive takes about three days to stick over the surface, but it’s worth the wait. After attaching it, the lock can resist between 300 and 450 pounds of force, which is more than most children can put out.

This set includes two pieces that measure 3/8″ each. The instructions are clear and provide plenty of details to use this product, which is another plus if you’re not a DIY person. These guidelines are helpful because it informs users that the device shall flip from top to bottom and not side to side.


  • Super easy to install on glass doors
  • The adhesive sticks to surfaces tightly
  • Convenient design to blend with the decoration
  • The locks resist plenty of weight force


  • The adhesive takes up to 72 hours to stick

5. HauSun Patio Childproof Sliding Foot Lock / Kick Lock

If you need a flexible glass door lock, this product is for you. The accessory has two channels that allow you to use it in two positions. First, you can lock the closed-door entirely, which helps to keep the children safe inside.

Secondly, the lock offers the option to hold the door slightly open to let sunlight or breeze come through. In this position, the gap is still narrow enough to prevent anyone from getting inside the house unless you want to.

You can mount this door lock using one of two methods. It can mount on the top rail, an ideal location to keep the device away from children’s reach. Alternatively, you can mount this product on the bottom rail.

After installation, the double locking action of the lock makes it nearly impossible for toddlers to mess with the doors.

This product works on doors made of glass, vinyl, aluminum, or wood. However, it’s only compatible with inside tracks, and it won’t work with patio doors over outside tracks.


  • Different installation methods
  • It keeps the door shut or slightly open
  • Compatible with right and left-handed doors
  • The package includes screws, base, and bolts


  • Only compatible with inside tracks

6. Toddleroo by North States Sliding Door & Window Lock for Kids

This package contains only one door lock, but you won’t need more. The way it works is simple: a slide and release motion will activate the wings, allowing them to lock in place. Once locked, this device helps to keep children away from dangerous areas of the household.

The product features eco-friendly ABS material and VHB adhesive. It’s compatible with glass, wood, and metal surfaces. Installing it is pretty easy because there’s no need to buy extra tools or parts. Plus, the white finish of the lock blends well with the door and the room’s decoration.

One of the best traits of this product is the wings, which look fantastic and have terrific functionality. You must slide the centerpiece to engage the lock, which is easy for adults but nearly impossible for children.

With that said, it only takes one push to disengage the wings, which is something the child may eventually figure out.


  • Modern look with eye-catching features
  • Installation is a breeze
  • It effectively keeps sliding glass doors locked
  • Easy to use


  • Unlocking the wings is far too easy for hyperactive children

7. Safety 1st Sliding Door Child Lock

This accessory keeps the doors locked while remaining almost invisible. It’s easy to use from both sides of the door, and it can adjust to let a small opening of three inches for air to flow into the house. If you’re not using it, you can disengage the locks during those times.

You can install this product at the top of patio doors, either on the right or left side edge. There, the lock secures the door and keeps the children inside. There’s also an indicator with green and red lights to let you know when the door lock is active.

Keep in mind that these door locks are not universal, and they may be too wide for some doors. You can work your way around this issue by modifying the locks to make them fit. This procedure involves cutting the lock and drilling another hole.


  • A slim design makes the locks invisible
  • The locks disengage while not in use
  • Easy to use from both sides of the door
  • Visual locking indicator


  • The lock may be too wide for some doors

8. Safetynex Child Safety Lock for Sliding Doors with Pre-applied Double-Sided Adhesive

Here’s a multipurpose door lock that works on different styles of windows and doors, whether they’re vertical or horizontal. The product comes with a strong adhesive that sticks to clean and dry surfaces, meaning there’s no need to drill or screw.

This lock also offers convenient one-hand use to engage or disengage it, which comes in handy if you’re carrying the baby and can’t use both hands. All you have to do is lift the wings on each side to lock it and fold them down to unlock the mechanism.

The lock features a plastic material that secures glass doors, but it can break under a lot of pressure. Luckily, this issue only happens for adults.

Children will have no way of damaging this product, which is why it’s on this list. The manufacturer specifies that this product is not for home security purposes, so don’t expect it to work against thieves.


  • Easy to fold down for lock-free access
  • Convenient 3.5×3 inches size
  • Removing the lock is hassle-free
  • Versatile to work with doors, windows, cabinets, and more


  • The plastic material breaks under significant adult pressure

Cleaning Glass-Mounted Sliding Glass Door Locks

After removing the lock, there may be some residue left behind from the adhesive. You can clean it with fingernail polish remover, lighter fluid, or any substance used to remove stickers or residue.

Apply the product over the residue and use a cloth to wipe it down. Then, you can use the putty knife to scrape any residue left. Use Windex to leave a beautiful glass surface.

Buying Guide

Not sure how to find the ideal sliding door lock to keep the baby safe? Consider the following information, and you’ll narrow down the list of options.


There are many types of door locks like keyed sliding door lock,two-bolt sliding glass door lock, or loop lock, to name a few.

Childproof locks are mostly hinge-like or bar-like because you can mount them high up and away from children’s reach.

These types of sliding glass door locks make it nearly impossible to unlock a sliding glass door by young children, increasing safety and protection for the little ones.


Most glass sliding door locks feature a build consisting of plastic materials that lock the door in place. Some door locks have a PP material construction that is safe, non-toxic, and odorless.

This material type is excellent because it easily sticks to glass, aluminum, metal, wood, and other surfaces.

Locking Positions

The products reviewed here can secure the door entirely closed or partially open, which is convenient if you’re outside and the baby is inside.

If you leave it partially open, the gap between the door is often around 3 or 4 inches wide. Toddlers can’t pull through, and they will enjoy a refreshing breeze.

Locks Amount

The door locks come as single or multiple pieces. Deciding how many to buy depends on what you want to do. In many cases, people prefer to install two locks because one doesn’t feel sturdy enough.

If your baby is more adventurous than most kids, perhaps two door locks will give you the confidence you need to let them wander around the house freely.


There are many ways on how to childproof a sliding glass door using these locks. For example, some of the door locks are installed either at the top or bottom rail.

Children will most likely figure out how to work their way around bottom-rail locks, but top-rail locks remain at a safe height away from their reach.

You also want to check whether the lock has adhesive or requires drilling. Door locks with adhesive are easy to install because you only have to peel off the paper backing.

Locks that require drilling demand more effort, and you have to make sure every bolt and hardware comes in the package. Otherwise, you would have to buy the parts separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What’s a child-proof door lock?

The child-proof door lock is a device you can install on sliding glass doors, windows, and cabinets. This device keeps the door locked or partially open, making it impossible for babies and toddlers to enter potentially dangerous areas.

2.     Is child-proof sliding glass door locks easy to break?

Children have virtually no natural method to break a lock considered to be childproof. However, adults can break into the house using screwdrivers or pry bars.

3.     Can you lock sliding doors without locks?

If you don’t want to install traditional door locks, you can use a security bar to protect the little ones. Alternatively, you can use slider locks or dowel rods.

4.     Can you lock sliding doors from outside?

Most sliding glass doors lock from inside, but some locks like the Safety 1st Sliding Door Lock allow you to secure it from either side of the door.

5.     How can I make the sliding door more secure?

If you feel like one lock isn’t enough to keep the child safe, you can install two-door locks instead. Other methods would be to use blocking bars, a security pin, and shatterproof film, among other things.


With the best child-proof sliding door lock, you can rest assured the baby won’t have access to dangerous areas without your supervision.

These devices are fantastic due to their functionalities, which allow them to resist a ton of force when children attempt to pull the door open.

Find out the one lock that matches the decoration, and you’ll get to rest without worrying the baby will go off-limits.

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