Best Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Best Double Cylinder Deadbolts For Secure Your Home

Do you know why security experts and law enforcement agencies suggest using double cylinder deadbolts on the front door?

Double cylinder deadbolts use a key to be locked or unlocked from exterior or interior sides. It is totally different from single cylinder deadbolts with a turn button on the interior. Due to the keyed operation on both sides, double cylinder deadbolts increase the security of your home.

But how do you know which deadbolt is the best option? We will review some popular deadbolts to reveal their quality and features. It will help you find the best double cylinder deadbolt. Let’s get started.

Comparison Chart

Probrico Square Entrance Lever with Double Cylinder Deadbolt
Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Brushed Nickel
Latch Size: 60-70mm
Orientation: Left and right handed
OUR Budget Pick
Honeywell Safes Double Cylinder Deadbolt
Material: Bronze
Finish: Oil Rubbed
Latch Size: 60-70mm
Orientation: Left and right handed
Our Top Pick
Copper Creek double Cylinder Deadbolt

Material: Stainless Steel, Brass, Zinc
Finish: Black
Latch Size: 60-70mm
Orientation: Left and right handed
Gobrico 2 Keyed Alike Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Bronze
Latch Size: 60-70mm
Orientation: Left and right handed

Kwikset 665-S Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Venetian Bronze
Latch Size: 60-70mm
Orientation: Left and right handed

Baldwin Prestige 385 Round Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Material: Brass
Finish: Satin Nickel
Latch Size: 60-70mm
Orientation: Left and right handed

SCHLAGE Lock CO SCHLAGE Lock CO B62NV619 Satin Nickel Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Satin Nickel
Latch Size: 60-70mm
Orientation: Left and right handed

Top 7 Picks for the Best Double Cylinder Deadbolt

We have picked these deadbolts based on their build quality, performance, and ease of use. Let’s see how they perform in real life scenarios so that you can choose the best deadbolt locks.

1. Probrico Square Entrance Lever with Double Cylinder Deadbolt

This set of high security deadbolt and entrance levers will ensure your home stays secure. It will give the front of your door a contemporary look at the same time. The square shape of the deadbolt looks so sleek and modern.

Coming to the material, the whole set is made of stainless steel with a nickel finish to give a shiny look. You can also get the locks in black. The deadbolt will need a key to lock or unlock from both sides.

But the lever has a thumb-turn on the interior. So, you can conveniently use the lever for interior doors or even bathroom doors. You can choose between 60mm and 70mm latch sizes, both of them will fit doors with a thickness of 35 to 45mm.

This is the best residential double cylinder deadbolt with some serious build quality and smooth key performance.

Special Features

  • Doubles the security with a keyed lever and a deadbolt
  • Differently sized latches available
  • Fits different door thickness
  • Nickel plating is rust-resistant and durable
  • Comes in two color options
  • Reversible lever
  • Usable on any door
  • Key operates smoothly
  • Easy to install
  • Should be available separately

2.Honeywell Safes Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Honeywell double cylinder deadbolt will throw some serious hurdle to the intruders. It has a simple design with high effectiveness to make your home secure. The design includes two identical sections to be installed on both sides of the door.

And you need keys to lock or unlock the bolt from both sides. The deadbolt latch measures 60mm or 70mm and will fit 35 to 45mm doors. It is made of bronze with an oil-rubbed finish.

So, the look of the deadbolt is quite attractive. At the same time, it will hide its appearance if you install it on dark-colored doors. The latch is bump resistant, so closing the door will be a smooth experience.

It passes the ANSI grade-3 standard to be used on residential doors. With a simple design and durable build, it is the best rated double cylinder deadbolt at this price.

Special Features

  • Made of bronze with a dark, oil-rubbed finish
  • Keyed operation on both sides increases safety
  • Certified to be used on residential doors
  • Can be used on any handed doors
  • Bump resistant latch
  • Two color options
  • Easy installation
  • Large entry keys
  • Finish isn’t durable

3.Copper Creek double Cylinder Deadbolt

We are so excited to introduce you to the best heavy duty deadbolt for your home. This deadbolt uses a combination of brass and stainless steel to resist even the toughest intruders.

The cylinder is made of solid brass. While ordinary locks in the market have pot metal cylinder guards, this has solid steel or brass cylinder guard to enhance security. The turn piece is made of stainless steel with a bit of decoration.

And the latch is available in two size options. It is made of stainless steel with a one-inch throw. A steel roll pin is included in the bolt to meet ANSI grade-3 standards.

So, the deadbolt will never compromise the security of your home. It is available in many finishes, including antique brass, antique nickel, black, and Tuscan bronze.

This is one of the best double cylinder deadbolt locks at this price range.

Special Features

  • Solid brass cylinder and cylinder guard cover
  • Stainless steel rosette and latch
  • Nickel plated bolt with roll pin
  • Meet ANSI grade-3 standards
  • Stunning finish with great built quality
  • Versatile use on many doors
  • Suitable for interior or exterior door
  • Many color options
  • Key hole is too small

4.Gobrico 2 Keyed Alike Double Cylinder Deadbolts

This is a set of two double cylinder deadbolts that are operated with the same key. You can use these deadbolts for interior or exterior doors to enhance the overall safety of the house.

The deadbolts are made of stainless steel and have an oil-rubbed bronze finish to look extraordinary on your doors. They have spool pins to increase picking resistance. And the hardened steel roller will increase sawing resistance.

So, the lock will be a tough hurdle for anyone wanting to invade your home. Installing the deadbolts is very easy. It comes with an adjustable latch. The latch is also made of stainless steel along with a steel guard.

Solid brass cylinders ensure quality performance with an anti-pry shield. The deadbolts have ANSI grade-3 certification to be the best deadbolt locks for front door.

Special Features

  • Stainless steel build with solid brass cylinders
  • Set of two deadbolts with same keys
  • Adjustable latch options for convenience
  • Reinforcement collar enhances security
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used on both handed doors
  • Pick, saw, and pry-resistant
  • High-security lock for front doors
  • Finish gets scratched quickly

5.Kwikset 665-S Double Cylinder Deadbolt

This sturdy double cylinder deadbolt lock gives a rustic vibe with its Venetian bronze finish. The inside of the cylinders is made of brass to give it a distinct level of performance.

Both the sides of the deadbolt are keyed, so you need to lock or unlock the bolt with keys. The latch has a one-inch throw to keep your home secure. This stainless steel latch is very durable. The latch cover is also made of stainless steel.

As the deadbolt has ANSI grade-3 certification, it is suitable for use in exterior doors as well as interior doors. The cylinder guard cover aligns with the top of the keyhole to ensure a bump-free design.

You can install this deadbolt along with other lock types to enhance the overall security. Installing it is very easy, so anyone can do that. We also loved the simplicity of its design that portrays a modern and elegant look at your door front.

Special Features

  • Brass cylinders with stainless steel guard
  • Can be installed easily
  • Pairable with other lock types
  • Two keyed options for better security
  • Simple design
  • Certified lock
  • Modern and elegant look
  • Durable finish
  • A bit pricey

6.Baldwin Prestige 385 Round Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Everything from cylinder to latch is made of solid brass in this stylish double cylinder deadbolt. The satin nickel finish of this deadbolt gives it a distinctive look that differentiates it from most of its competitors.

A rounded-edge design makes it stand out. The keyhole is present on both the exterior and interior sides of the deadbolt. It will fit doors with a thickness of 35 to 45mm. Once fitted, the latch will smoothly go in and out to provide a pleasant experience in locking or unlocking the door. This lock can be combined with other lever-type bolts to enhance the overall security.

You can also get the lock in a polished bronze or Venetian bronze finish. All the finishes look awesome and will make your door front look great. And when it comes to safety, this deadbolt will protect your home against common break-in methods.

Special Features

  • Solid brass build with intriguing finishes
  • Highly secure cylinder to prevent intruders
  • Re-keyable in a short time
  • Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty
  • Resists sawing, drilling, picking
  • Bump-proof design
  • Durable cylinder and latch
  • High-grade security
  • No latch options

7.SCHLAGE Nickel Double Cylinder Deadbolt

SCHLAGE deadbolt double cylinder looks quite different than the locks you have already seen. It has a distinct satin nickel finish that elevates the look of the deadbolt. The contrast between the keyhole and the cylinder cover is also notable.

Coming to the build quality, most part of this deadbolt is made of stainless steel. So, it will give ample protection against intruders. The lock will also be rust and corrosion resistant to serve you for many years.

You need to use keys on both sides of the deadbolt. With pry and pick resistance, there will be no option for unwanted people to take a sneak peek of your home. The lock weighs more than its competitors, but that’s not a big problem.

The screw holes on the cylinder cover are also covered to enhance the look and finish of the deadbolt. You can definitely give it a try.

Special Features

  • Stainless steel build with satin nickel finish
  • Both sides are key operated
  • Gives a contemporary look to your doors
  • Resists prying, pricking, sawing, etc.
  • Highly durable cylinder and latch
  • Fit standard sized doors
  • No key bump
  • Low-profile design
  • No warranty

Double Cylinder Deadbolt Installation Guide

Be it single cylinder deadbolt or double cylinder deadbolt, the installation process is almost the same. Check the following steps to install  double cylinder deadbolts on your doors.

  • The door you want to install the deadbolt on should have pre-drilled holes. If not, use a drill to make a hole for the deadbolt assembly.
  • Place the deadbolt against the door with the latch on and measure its depth. Also, mark the faceplate area on the door edge with a pencil.
  • Use a chisel to carve the wood to make space for the faceplate. Before installing, check whether the faceplate stays flush when the deadbolt is locked.
  • Now, place the exterior part of the deadbolt on the exterior surface of the door. Insert the bolt assembly into the hole. Turn the key to lock the deadbolt and test whether it works properly.
  • If it works fine, insert the interior part of the deadbolt on the interior side. Make sure the cylinder slot of the exterior part enters the cylinder slot of the interior part.
  • Once everything is in position, use a screwdriver to attach two parts with the provided screws.
  • Check how the deadbolt functions, and you are good to go.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt Removal Guide

If you are installing a deadbolt, there will come a time when you will have to remove it as well. If you have the tools, you should not call the locksmith for this job.

First of all, you have to unscrew the screws exposed outside. You can have screws on the cylinder case and the strike plate. Unscrewing them and the faceplate afterward will loosen the deadbolt and the cylinder case. 

Inside the cylinder case, there could be more screws that you have to unscrew to get the whole lockout. However, things get complicated when there aren’t any screws outside the cylinder case. 

Then you have to get some allen wrenches after getting the faceplate out. There should be two holes around the deadbolt. If you stick your allen wrench inside, you will feel it looking into something. Then turn left, and that will loosen the two cylinder cases.

You may also find screws inside that help to get the lock out completely. This process helps to secure the door from inside.

Best Double Cylinder Deadbolt Buying Guide

As almost all deadbolts have a similar design, it is difficult to determine which lock will be better for the safety of your home. We will mention several factors to consider before buying the best double cylinder deadbolt. Check them out.


Deadbolts are there for safety. If anyone can easily pick or pry open them, there is no point in installing the locks. So, you need to check the safety standard of the lock before buying.

Most quality locks are of ANSI grade-3 to prevent intruders from entering your property. The locks should withstand hard hits and be durable for a long time without compromising safety.

Material and Build Quality

Be it a single or double cylinder deadbolt, it should be made of hardened steel or brass to throw some serious hurdle to strangers. Most high-quality deadbolts are made of brass cylinders.

The cylinder cover can be made of brass or stainless steel. And the latch is also commonly made of stainless steel or brass. Every part of deadbolts should be durable.

Design and Finish

This goes down to one’s preference. You can install a deadbolt depending on the overall design of your house and doors. These locks are commonly available in black, satin, and bronze finish.

The shape of the deadbolt lock types can also be different. You need to pick one that goes with the style you want to incorporate in your home.


No matter what deadbolt you choose, it should lock and unlock smoothly. The keyhole needs to be designed in a way so that you can easily insert the key without bumping.

Some locks tend to go loose after some time of use. Be aware of these locks.


It depends on the brand value and overall quality of the deadbolt. Brass-made deadbolts will be pricier than stainless steel deadbolts. We think you shouldn’t consider price over safety in this case. Spend some extra on a deadbolt that will ensure the best security of your home.

But don’t go for excessively priced deadbolts for interior doors.


Still have some questions about double cylinder deadbolts? Check the following for the answer.

How secure is a double cylinder deadbolt?

Double cylinder deadbolts are the safest option for protecting your home. As these locks need a key to be used on both sides, no one can enter your home even if they break a small door pane.

What is the strongest deadbolt?

Many deadbolts out there are strong enough to prevent strangers from taking a look at your home. Among them, Copper Creek Double Cylinder Deadbolt is the strongest deadbolt. This heavy-duty lock can be installed on exterior doors.

Do I need a knob lock if I have a cylinder deadbolt?

Knob locks don’t provide more safety than double-cylinder deadbolts. They are only useful for opening and closing interior doors easily. So, if you already have a double cylinder deadbolt installed, you don’t need any knob lock.

Are double key deadbolts illegal?

No, double key deadbolts aren’t illegal in any state of the U.S. Law enforcement agencies suggest using double key deadbolts on front doors to increase the safety level of your house. These deadbolts are very difficult to pick or pry open for intruders.

Is a double cylinder deadbolt better than a single?

Definitely! Single-cylinder deadbolts have a thumb turn on the interior side. So, if someone breaks apart a small glass pane of the door, they can reach the turn button and open the door easily. But double-cylinder deadbolts need a key to be locked or unlocked from either side.


The working principle of single or double cylinder deadbolts may be the same. But the keyed operation instead of the turn button on the interior side literally doubles the safety level.

As no one can open a double cylinder deadbolt from inside or outside without a key, these locks make your home highly secure. On one side, these deadbolts prevent intruders from entering your house.

On the other side, these locks prevent your children from going out without your notice by simply turning the button. So, you should definitely install a double cylinder deadbolt, especially on the front door, to increase safety.

We have reviewed the top 7 deadbolts in the market to help you find the best double cylinder deadbolt. These locks are made of high-quality material and will withstand the bad intentions of strangers for many years. Determine which deadbolt matches your desired style and install it to level up your safety game.

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