How to Break a Door Knob with a Hammer

How to Break a Door Knob with a Hammer from Scratch

You had a long and exhausting day. You grab yourself pizzas and call it a night. Your body starts to give away and you can’t imagine anything else except to take a nice cold shower and call it a night. Sounds good, right?

But that’s not the case. You arrive home to find your doorknob stuck. You can’t go in. That’s terrible! What can you do? Well, reading this guide on how to break a door knob with a hammer could be a good start for you right now.

Why Should You Hammer Your Way In?

Night’s closing in fast. You need to go inside right now. But you can’t. You grab a hammer and smash the doorknob without giving it a second thought or pry up the door knob. But you might end up damaging the entire door without proper knowledge and it might cost you a good sum of money to repair it.

So what can you do? Read below where we share effective and efficient ways to break your doorknob with a hammer explored in great detail to help your costs get covered up.

Well, in short, you have to wear your safety equipment first because let’s be real it’s dangerous. Then use the hammer with a help of a sharp object to slowly increase the pressure and that will lead you to a cracking sound.

Nevertheless, this isn’t all you need to know. There are things to keep in mind and that’s why the detailed guide is a must-read. We explained how to break a lock on a door the easiest way possible.

One of the primary inventions we made was doorknobs. These cheeky, little buddies not only keep your entire house safe acting as a bottleneck but also protect you from outside disease. These knobs are extremely durable and will keep your home safe. You already know how difficult it is to smash it, which is why a hammer is required.

Is It Really Effective To Break A Door Knob With A Hammer?

You see, Statistics reports show that it is quite common to forget your keys or have no access to them. So it’s pretty common to break your doorknob or lock to find a way of gaining entry inside. You’re no different.

But there might be the question bothering you, why with a hammer? Why not a screwdriver, wrench or so? Well, you can use a screwdriver and wrench too. But a hammer uses leverage that requires minimum effort to get the job done. Hammer perfectly sits in the situation well.

Things you should know before you try to break your doorknob

Before we dive there, know that this should only be used as a last resort. You can hurt yourself and damage something if you don’t have the correct tools. So keep in mind this might be dangerous.

1) Use gloves: As you will be working with dangerous materials, you’d naturally require gloves to keep yourself safe. It’ll not only keep your fingers safe but will also help you in case of germs and bacteria

2) Do not use rusted materials: Rusted materials might be damaged within. It’ll damage your rounded doorknobs further and make your jobs even harder.

3) Use goggles: To protect your eyes.

4) Have a plan before jumping into action: Please make sure you break your doorknob only as the last resort. If someone else has the key, make sure to contact them first. Door Knobs are made of metal and can be harmful if not broken carefully.

Breaking a doorknob with a hammer

Now that we are finished with this, let’s go ahead with our plan with burglary (not really) the methods below are detailed to let you know how to break a doorknob with a hammer or other materials.

Method 1 – Breaking with a Hammer:

A bump hammer is perfectly fit to break a doorknob. But worry not if you don’t have access to one, you can use any other type of hammer too. A bump hammer designed for bumping a lock. Made with a polymer and rubber handle, a bump hammer exerts the right force needed to break.

Let’s get to the steps:

Step 1: Safety first

Prepare yourself by wearing gloves  and goggles as the next steps might lead you to some hazards

Step 2: Swing like THOR

Slowly swing the hammer first on the side of the doorknob to create some pressure on the doorknob.

Step 3: Do it till you make it

Keep doing slow swings until you feel that the door know is splitting from the door.

Step 4: As it starts to loosen up you can slowly increase the pressure on the swings and the doorknob should be out on your hands.

Method 2 – Breaking a lock with a Hammer:

What could you do if you don’t have a doorknob, but a lock hanging on your door handle? Well, we have solutions for that too!

Breaking a lock requires you to create tension between the shackles and the lock before you pressure it into breaking apart. This procedure is risky too as you might hit your hand and metal objects might get into your eyes while you’re doing so. So, make sure you wear your gloves and glasses!

This one goes on as follows,

Step 1: Pressurize the lock

You need to create pressure on the lock by placing your fingers in the loop of the shackle.

Step 2: Shackle it up

Next, you have to exert enough pressure to pull the shackle. This will create tension and weaken the padlock.

Step 3: Don’t forget the leeways

Slowly remove the extra leeways from the shackle because the lock won’t open regardless of how many times you hit it if you fail to do this.

Step 4: Smash it like Hulk

Pound both sides of the padlock with the hammer until you open up the lock. You can smash it short and quickly open it up. Keep on smashing until you open the lock.

Step 5: Go to your room and give a check

Once the lock is open, you can check if it works. You can choose to reuse it or buy a better one.

This procedure is simple, fast, effective, and helps you in your hard times.

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Breaking a doorknob can be a tough job. With proper materials and knowledge from this how to break a door knob with a hammer guide, you can work it out! You have to be careful while doing so as this is a dangerous job. Doorknobs are cheap but they require effort to open up without a key.

Although we recommend that you should only break the doorknob as a last resort, if the situation puts you there you won’t have any other option than to call up a locksmith or do it yourself. We highly recommend that you be conscious regarding your key so that you won’t face these situations. Have a good day!

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