Burglarproof your home without spending a dime

Burglarproof your home without spending a dime (7 Ways)

Burglary is nothing new in a world where poverty and deprivation exist. During this pandemic period, the problem seems to rise higher, newspaper comes with such burglary stories every day, some are also left untold. Naturally, people are likely to get worried sick about their own house and think of how to build a bugler-resistant house? 

Luckily, there are cost-effective ways to prevent burglary and for that, you have to find out the weak points around your first.

Let’s not waste time anymore and get into the security ideas for your home without spending a dime.

How to make your house bugler-proof with no cost?

If there are tips to protect your home without wasting much money, then what’s so bad about it?

Basically, these are the necessary and terse points you might need to know today.

Don’t be showy!

This might sound funny when you have so much to show, however, too much showcase will only attract some uninvited guests to your house. A flashy house can generate ideas in a bugler that it has valuable things to offer. If you have an expensive car or more than one vehicle, then you might think otherwise instead of keeping them all together in your house’s garage. Anyone can get away with your vehicles even without breaking into your home. Also, be careful about locking your car when you leave it, it is better if don’t park it somewhere dark.

 Know your home’s weak points

You can do this just by walking around your house and keenly observing it. And, when you observe it, put on a mask of bugler’s eye to see the points from where you can easily enter the house.

When you are done pointing some weak spots, check the properties they can reach easily near those spots, like near the window. Now, make a plan to make some alterations to your furniture arrangements and interior designs.

Plant some thorny species around your house or the spot where buglers can possibly enter. Trim the plant regularly to keep it in good health and shape.

If you have any furniture placed alongside high walls, remove them so that they find no helping hand to dive into your home.

Get acquainted with neighbors

It is quite important to know your neighbors and maintain a strong relationship with them. Remember, it is always the people living near you to save the day. Things might turn out right for you if you have a keen relationship with them. Their schedule of staying home might be different than yours. As a result, they can keep a close eye on your territory in your absence. If something weird happens at your home, neighbors will eventually notice and let you or authorities know about the unnatural act. 

Considering all these, you should talk with neighbors’ heart to heart about the probable burglary trouble. It shall help them to understand your headache and they will operate that way.

Deceiving the buglers

If you think you are not getting enough help from neighbors, then you might think of the ways to deceive the buglers while you are actually not home. For instance- you can keep your house radio on. This will give the buglers the wrong idea about your presence.

It is not wise to make your name visible outside the home on nameplates, it will help the buglers in knowing your name. They can use the name on google and take out your telephone number. When they will find out no one is answering, they will break into your house at that point.

Another important thing we often forget- keeping some lights on. While leaving the house, it is not necessary to leave the whole home a dark dead end. It will only make the opportunistic bugler’s job easy.

Also, keeping the mails piled up in the mailbox is a bad idea, this will only provide them the idea that you are not home. If you take notes of these small things, you might just manage to save your property. After all, we cannot always depend on neighbors for our safety.

Do not announce your vacation

At this present stage of digital media, we love to post whatever interesting things going on in our lives. It in many ways hampers our privacy, a lot of people get to know your whereabouts. If anything, this is really harmful. You never know who larks into your information with ill intention. That is why we should be cautious about posting our whereabouts randomly. The more private you are, the harder it is for the buglers to make their move.

Moreover, do not put any hint at your answering machine that you are away from home. Keep things a bit unannounced.

Keep dogs

Dogs are the most suitable animal for humans to rely on. They are not a betrayal in nature like most other animals and aggressive enough against an unknown face. So, you better train your dog a few tactics in creating a situation if they ever encounter unknown faces. Leave them around your house to roam around when you are not home. Their noises will wake the neighbors and create a nuisance. Besides, buglers are not really fond of dogs.

Install inexpensive window and door alarms

If you think of the DIY hacks and spend a bit of your money, then installing wireless door and window alarms can be a good option to secure your door. When the buglers will open the window or door to enter, it will make sounds all around. This can be an alternative for keeping dogs if you have allergies to animals. However, you must keep in mind that the professionally installed alarms are far better. These wireless alarms might not make any noise for breaking glass.


Even though there is no one hundred percent definite way to evade buglers, the points above can form a good fight against them.  You give them fewer possibilities to burgle in your home by taking precautions. Thus, your house becomes impenetrable giving you a peaceful sleep. 

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