Cabinet Lock Types

Different Cabinet Lock Types to Secure Your Valuables

Did your baby learn crawling? And you feel the need for a babyproof cabinet? If yes, it’s probably high time to know different cabinet lock types and play some childproofing games. Not only that, but a great cabinet lock will also make sure that your valuables and documents stay safe against burglary or theft. 

Since cabinet locks are available in different types and shapes, this article looks to help you explore some of the most common ones here. So you could know which one’s right for you. Let’s start!

Different Cabinet Lock Types

There are many different types of cabinet locks available with their own set of pros and cons. Since every lock has its suited application, you should check out all these options to find yours.

Deadbolt Lock

The deadbolt lock is by far the most common and effective lock available for single cabinet doors and drawers. It comes with an exterior keyhole and works using a cylinder that goes through the door. These locks come with a great combination of design and security. 

They can provide up to a million key combinations to ensure a higher level of security for your cabinets. The deadbolt locks offer interchangeable cylinders. So you can use this on your cabinetry, drawers, and other furniture.

Magnetic Lock

The magnetic lock or maglock makes a great choice for cabinets, drawers, and some closet doors. These locks include an electromagnet and armature plate. They work by attaching a latch into the cabinet that’ll keep it closed until you put the magnetic key on the outside. 

The keys work smoothly to release the lock and get the cabinet opened. Interestingly, these locks remain concealed after installation. You can also turn off the magnet if you need a reprieve. A magnetic or childproof lock is great for working parents.

Latch or Adhesive Lock

The latching or adhesive lock comes with adhesives and remains invisible after installation. It’s mostly used on cabinet doors and drawers. This lock doesn’t have any key to lose or a button like a push lock. It’s one of the most basic latches and is fairly easy to break through.

Cam Lock

Buying a cam lock for cabinet is the easiest option. Cam lock is a simple yet versatile lock to use for cabinets. It includes a cylindrical base having a keyhole and a metal part called a cam. Cam lock is fitted into the strike plate, which is attached to the cabinet door frame. Since it works great in tighter spaces, it is ideal for cabinets and furniture. 

It provides low security and is not suitable to secure valuable and expensive items. Cam lock comes in different colors/styles and is one of the most customizable ones to check out. 

Combination/Digital Cabinet Lock  

Combination/Digital Cabinet Lock  

The combination lock makes a great choice for cabinets. It requires a specific sequence of numbers or symbols to be entered to get opened. It’s available in different forms, including digital or electronic versions, single dials, and multiple dials. 

You can install this lock onto a wide range of cabinets and lockers to ensure secure keyless access with no more lost keys. Some of these locks come with different user modes allowing different user groups to use different codes or combinations. Most modern combination locks available today are quite expensive. 

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Glass Door Lock 

If you’re looking for a lock type to use in the glass cabinet, patio door, or trophy case, this lock could be a great choice. Glass door locks are available in different stylish versions to fit the surrounding modern decor. 

Glassdoor locks are available in different working styles, including deadbolt, cam, ratchet, and combination styles. Although these locks don’t interrupt the cabinet’s design, they’re pretty difficult to install, repair, and change. 

Biometric Cabinet Lock

Biometric Cabinet Lock

If you’re looking for a smart cabinet lock to keep your valuables, you can check out the biometric cabinet lock. This type of lock unlocks with fingerprint technology and has a pop-up latch to remind you of locking back. 

They can record multiple fingerprints and make a great choice for office users. Some of the most recent additions include AI memory and an emergency charging system. Biometric locks are widely used in cabinets, drawers, storage boxes, and more. 

Sliding Lock with Knob or Handle 

The sliding lock is one of the most common types of cabinet lock. It works on a dual handle or knob design cabinets. It doesn’t have a hole or adhesive residue to leave behind. The lock has two parts that slide together to create the locking mechanism. Another end of the lock has a pinch release. 

It’s made of plastic and has lightweight. The lock is great for cabinets with handles or knobs. It’s also a portable and travel-friendly locking option out there. 


As we’ve been exploring different cabinet lock types, you can check out the answers to some common FAQs here.

What is the most commonly used lock for cabinets and lockers? 

Cam locks are the most commonly found lock for cabinets and lockers. The main reason for its popularity is the ease of use.  

What is the most secure type of lock for the furniture and cabinets?

Deadbolt locks are considered the most secure type of lock. They’re used on cabinets, drawers, exterior home doors, and so on.

What are lock pins?

Lock pins are pins used to control the operation of key(s). They’re also called tumblers as a misnomer.

 What are the different types of keyed locks?

Keyed-alike, keyed-different, and master systems are the three variants for keyed locks. With keyed alike, you can open all locks with the same key. The keyed-different requires a unique key to open each lock. The master system allows one master key to open all locks. 


Whether you’re a woodworker, carpenter, or home improvement enthusiast, checking out different cabinet lock types is worth checking out. You shouldn’t miss out on your preferred lock type with the huge list above. 

These locks fit different cabinet requirements, including single door cabinets, double doors cabinets, three-drawers cabinets, drawers, and so on. Although choosing the right type of lock could be overwhelming, this article could really help you with your decision-making.