Crystal Door Knobs with Locks

The Best Crystal Door Knobs With Lock In 2022

Let’s be honest, all of us like the look of a luxurious house or room. And to achieve that, crystal door knobs are an excellent option. They look luxurious, and it’s worth it to get one for your room.

And surprisingly enough, regular crystal door knobs aren’t too expensive either. But it starts getting more expensive if you’re looking for one with a lock.

Crystal door knobs are made out of glass, and because of that, a glass door knob with locking mechanism isn’t too common. This is why people can often wonder what the best crystal door knobs with lock are. 

It’s up to personal preference, but the KNOBWELL Modern Crystal Door Knob can be a fantastic choice. However, there’s much more to it.

In this article, I’ll be covering all about the best options you have on lockable crystal door knobs. So without further a do, let’s begin.

Comparison Chart

Before beginning, to make it easier for you to choose which door knob to buy, here’s a comparison chart of all the products listed in this article —

Our Best Pick
KNOBWELL Crystal Door Knob
Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
Adjustable Lock and  Knob: Yes
Lock system: Key
CLCTK Glass Door Knob
Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
Adjustable Lock and  Knob: Yes
Lock system: Key lock + Button lock
HIEYMEY Crystal Door Knob
Metal Type: Brass
Adjustable Lock and  Knob: Yes
Lock system: Button lock + Emergency lock
NIZADO Crystal Door Knob
Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
Adjustable Lock and  Knob: Yes
Lock system: Twist lock
Balin Designs Crystal Door Knob
Metal Type: Zinc
Adjustable Lock and  Knob: Yes
Lock system: Key lock
Runner Up
SHINY Handles Glass Door Knob
Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
Adjustable Lock and  Knob: Yes
Lock system: Key lock
SHINY Handles Glass Door Knob
Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
Adjustable Lock and  Knob: Yes
Lock system: Button lock + Emergency lock
LOQRON Crystal Door Knob
Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
Adjustable Lock and  Knob: Yes
Lock system: Key lock + Button lock

How Do I Know What Size Door Knob To Buy

To measure what size door knobs you need to buy, follow these simple steps-

  • Measure The Diameter Of The Bore Hole

Firstly, get some measuring tape, and put it on the bottom of the widest point in the center. From there, go upwards and measure the size downwards, it’ll be the diameter of the borehole.

  • Measure The Door’s Backset

The backset of your door is the space between the bore and the edge of the door. Usually, this will be 2 ⅜ or 2 ¾ inches. To measure it, place the measurement tape on the diameter of the borehole to the edge of the door.

  • Measure The Thickness Of Your Door

Lastly, measure how thick your door is. Most interior doors are around 3.5 cm thick and exterior doors are 5 cm thick.

After measuring all of these, you’ll need to find a door knob that meets all these sizes. You don’t need to worry much, since there will be adjustable sizes for most knobs.

Crystal Door Knobs With Lock vs Metallic Door Knobs

The look is the most notable difference between crystal door locks and metallic door knobs. Crystal doorknobs are all about aesthetics and luxury, while metallic doorknobs are mostly only for functionality.

Metallic doorknobs aren’t that special, and they’ll usually always have a lock on them. They come in tons of different sizes and designs, though, so you can pick one that looks great for you.

They’re usually inexpensive as well, and you can find some metallic door knobs for about a dollar. Overall, they’re great for regular rooms and doors.

Crystal doorknobs on the other hand are much more luxurious and they look phenomenal. A regular crystal door knob with a lock can cost you about $50 or more, but you can find a few options in between.

These will look fantastic on almost any door, and even for their price, they’re worth getting considering because of how much they contribute to the look of a room.

Top 8 Picks For Crystal Door Knobs With Lock

Now that you know most of the necessary information about crystal door knobs let’s take a look at 8 of the best crystal door knobs for interior —

1. KNOBWELL Modern Globe Crystal Door Knob: Our Best Pick

For starters, this is one of the best choices you have for a crystal door knob. It comes with a stunning combination of high-quality crystal and Venetian bronze for the knob.

The handle itself is made out of fine glass, and the metal used is zinc alloy. Along with that, it’s able to fit on most doors, including 1-⅜” to 1-¾ inch thick doors. The adjustable latch can fit from 2-⅜” to 2-¾” as well.

It’s extremely easy to install, and you’ll find the simple instructions with the package. You won’t need any other tools except a screwdriver to install it. The lock is also easy to use and simple, requiring a key.

Even if you do have any issues with this door knob, the customer support is fantastic, and they can help you out. If you still can’t figure anything out, they can come to your house and install it for you. Overall, this handle is excellent for indoor use.

Special Features

  • Comes with an adjustable latch
  • Only requires a screwdriver to install
  • Adjustable door knob sizes
  • Key lock system


If you’re someone who’s simply looking for a high-quality crystal door knob with a lock, then this will be perfect for you. It’ll fit on most doors, and the installation is intuitive.

2. CLCTK Glass Door Knob: Best For Heavy Duty

The CLCTK Glass door knob is an excellent option for antique glass door knobs with lock since it has a slick and antique design.

It comes in a matte black color and matte finish, and it looks modern while still looking antique. Zinc alloy is used as the metal, and it has a button and key lock.

It also comes with an adjustable latch, and it can be adjusted to 2-⅜ inch and 2-¾ inches, and it’ll fit on any door within 1-⅜ inch to 1-¾ inch in thickness.

The installation is easy, and the customer support will help you with anything. For its price, this is the best mid-range crystal door knob you can get.

Special Features

  • Antique design
  • Matte finish and matte black color
  • Both key and button lock options
  • Adjustable latch door knob
  • Modern octagon shape


Most crystal locks only have one locking mechanism, but if you’re looking for a crystal door knob specifically for privacy while still looking good, this is it.

3. HIEMEY Square Glass Crystal Door Knob: Best For Privacy

Crystal bedroom door knobs with lock are common, but the HEIMEY Square Glass Crystal Door Knob absolutely nails it on looks and privacy.

It has a satin brass color and a polished finish, and the metal used on it is brass. For its price, the value is fantastic as well.

Although privacy crystal door knobs are common, this door knob comes with a unique privacy button that acts as an advanced lock, and when it’s switched on, your door will be locked. However, it isn’t exactly a button lock.

But if you’re in an emergency, that’s when the emergency release button comes into play. If you can’t open the door in any other way, you can press the emergency release button and use a hex wrench into the emergency release hole.

This will open the door forcefully, but only people from inside the room can use this feature to force open the door in an emergency.

It can fit on most doors, and if you have any issues, there’s nothing to worry about since it has 24/7 customer support with fast responses. For crystal and brass door knobs, this is one of the best deals you can get.

Special Features

  • Exclusive Emergency Release Button feature
  • Simple button locking mechanism
  • Adjustable door knob and lock


Overall, this door knob has excellent value for its price. The special emergency release button can unlock the door in emergencies through the person on the inside of the door, and the door knob looks stylish and it reflects light. It’s fantastic for people who want a mix of privacy and design in their door knobs.

4. NIZADO Passage Crystal Door Knob: Best Colored Crystal Door Knob

NIZADO is a professional crystal doorknob company, and this is one of their best options for door knobs. It’s decently clear, but the blue tint makes it look fantastic.

And if you’re looking for colored crystal door knobs, this is your best option. It has a blue color with a circular shape, the metal type is zinc alloy, and the latch plate is removable.

The security system is the most exciting part about it, since it has a latch but doesn’t require a key. And to open it, you simply need to twist the doorknob and you’ll have a fully secure door from inside.

It has a sparkly design with a clear blue tint, and it’ll shine and create prisms of light across your whole room.It fits most doors too, and the knob’s diameter is 2.17 inches.

The adjustable universal latch is 2-¾ inches or 2-⅜ inches, and it fits doors that are 1-⅜ inches thick or 1-¾ inches thick.

Special Features

  • Incredibly stylish color and design with a blue tint
  • Reflects light off of the door knob
  • Twist lock system
  • Adjustable latch and door knob sizes


This door knob has incredible value for its money. The knob itself is stylish, and the lock system is excellent. For a privacy or passage door knob, this one nails it with its design and functionality.

5. Balin Designs Crystal Door Knob: Best Vintage Crystal Door Knob

Balin Designs have been making crystal door knobs professionally for a while, and they’re known for their slick and modern designs.

So if you’re looking for vintage glass door knobs with locks or modern crystal door knobs in general, the Balin Designs Crystal Door Knob is excellent. The knob is almost completely clear, but it has a slight gray tint. It has a matte finish, and the metal type is zinc.

It fits 1-⅜,” and 1-¾” doors and the backset is adjustable from 2-⅜ inches and 2-¾ inches.

In the package the knob comes in, it includes all necessary parts such as spindles, handle screws, a latch striker plate, plastic hole covers, screws, placement tubes, a privacy plunger, and an Allen key.

The installation is easy, and there’s also a manual. But even if you can’t follow the manual correctly, if you contact customer support, they’ll immediately help you.

Special Features

  • Vintage and modern design
  • Clear door knob with slight gray tint
  • Adjustable lock and door knob
  • Includes all parts such as spindles in package
  • Key lock system


This is a solid choice if you want a door knob mostly for aesthetics. It looks fantastic with its clear and modern design on the door knob, all while still having a key lock mechanism.

6. SHINY Handles Glass Door Knob: Runner Up To Our Best Pick

Glass door knobs nowadays are pretty expensive, but the Shiny Handles Glass Door Knob offers a lot of value for its price, including privacy features.

It has a venetian bronze color, and the metal type for it is zinc alloy. The shape of the door knob is like an octagon, and it’s completely clear.

Along with that, it can fit on almost any door within 1-⅜ inch to 1-¾ inch thickness as well as an adjustable latch from 2-⅜ inches to 2-¾ inches. The installation process is easy as well, and you’ll likely only need a screwdriver to install it.

It’s best used in bedrooms and bathrooms, but its slick design can suit almost any room you want it in.

Special Features

  • Adjustable latch and door knob
  • Venetian bronze color
  • Octagon shaped knob


Most crystal door knobs are expensive, sometimes over $80. But if you’re looking for a mid-range crystal door knob which offers many good features, this is it.

7. Probrico Faceted Crystal Door Knob: Best Budget-Friendly Crystal Door Knob

The Probrico Faceted Crystal Door Knob is excellent if you want an affordable crystal door knob with a lock, and its design is unique with a bronze color.

It has an oil-rubbed bronze finish, and the metal type for it is zinc alloy. The privacy system on this door knob is through a lock and unlock button, and there are ways to unlock it in the case of an emergency as well.

For the door knob, it has a diamond-like shape and a contemporary style design with oil-rubbed bronze, making it last a long time without any scratches or without it breaking.

Along with that, it includes an adjustable latch from 2-⅜ inches and 2-¾ inches, fitting all doors that are 1-⅜ inches and 1-¾ inches thick.

Special Features

  • Oil-rubbed bronze finish and color
  • Prevents dust from sticking to knob
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Adjustable door knob and lock


Most glass door knobs are usually not durable and they’re prone to breaking. However, this changes that. It’s completely resistant to scratches and breaking, and it doesn’t get dirty easily. So if you need durability and privacy in your door knobs, this can be an excellent choice.

8. LOQRON Crystal Door Knob: Best Value For Price

Coming at only around $29.99, the LOQRON Crystal Door Knob offers a lock feature with a key and a metal and glass design.

It’s an antique crystal door knob with the metal type being zinc alloy, and it has a great mix of metal and glass throughout the entire knob.

The privacy features on this include both a button locking system as well as a key locking system, making it perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and more.

Even though it’s incredibly affordable, the design is excellent, and light reflects off the doorknob to create an incredible visual effect on the floor with the glass door knob.

The knob’s diameter is 2.36 inches, and the whole length of the lock is 6.7 inches. It even comes with an adjustable universal latch from 2-⅜ inches and 2-¾ inches, and the latch plate is unremovable.

It can fit any door within 1.18 inches to 2 inches thick, and the doorknob won’t catch any rust since it’s made of heavy zinc alloy. They have excellent customer support, and the value you get for the price is phenomenal.

Special Features

  • Antique design in a diamond look
  • Key and button lock mechanisms
  • The reflected light creates an incredible pattern on the floor
  • Adjustable lock and door knob


Most door knobs are over $50, but this one gives multiple unique and effective features at an incredibly affordable price. It has two locking mechanisms, and the design is great. Overall, the value you get for the money is excellent.

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Buying Guide

While buying crystal door knobs, there are a few things to consider, so here’s a list of those —


Crystal door knobs are modern and luxurious, so they won’t always suit every room. But if you want a modern or luxurious style room, a crystal door knob can go best with it.


You also need to make sure your crystal door knob fits perfectly and isn’t too big or too small. But don’t worry too much about it, as most crystal door knobs have adjustable sizes.


If you’re a picky person, you might want a different finish on your door knobs. But don’t worry, since door knobs are made out of glass they don’t have any issues on the finishes.


Most crystal door knobs don’t come with lock, but if you need privacy make sure to get one with at least a button or key lock. They aren’t too hard to find, and you can easily find them online.


  • Are door knobs with lock better than levers?

For functionality, they both work the same. But lever knobs or handle knobs are usually better for modern-style houses compared to door knobs. But in the end, its all up to personal preference.

  • What era are crystal door knobs with lock from?

Door knobs first started appearing in the mid 19th century, but back then they weren’t as popular. But over the past few years, they’ve gotten more popular since more affordable options are being made.

  • How do I clean my crystal door knobs ?

Glass door knobs are made in such a way that they won’t get dirty easily, so you won’t need to worry much about cleaning them. But if they do get dirty, take a soapy cloth and wipe the knob, and wash it with water.

  • Are glass door knobs with locks safe?

Glass door knobs are made with stronger glass than we see usually, so they don’t have any chances of breaking. So yes, glass door knobs with a lock are completely safe, and they won’t easily get scratches either.

  • Why do glass door knobs with locks turn purple?

Although there are many theories of why glass door knobs can turn purple, it’s accepted by the majority of people that the ultraviolet rays cause an electron exchange with the manganese dioxide to turn them purple.


Hopefully, now you know all about the best crystal door knobs with lock. KNOBWELL has the best overall doorknobs for privacy, but the other alternatives are excellent as well.

As a final tip, I’d highly recommend you to check out crystal door knobs that have keyless security systems. These will usually look the best aesthetically while still providing privacy.

And if you’re going to use several crystal door knobs, consider getting a crystal door knob set. But with all that being said, good luck picking your dream crystal door knob, and cheers!

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