defend yourself in a home invasion

How to defend yourself in a home invasion without a gun?

Did you know that your house is prone to attracting intruders than catching fire or meeting other dangers?

By home invasion, we understand the situation when the intruders enter houses to rob out of the fun of it or with some other ill motives.

Unfortunately, it is a fact we can’t deny as our surrounding news is swarming with such incidents. When reading such stuff it cannot speak of a single day when we don’t fear the question- Can I defend myself in a home invasion? The common answer would be – duh! by a gun of course. But, how many of us are licensed to have a gun? If we don’t have a gun, then how to defend in a home invasion without a gun?

To answer your inquisitive mind, we are here with some obtainable solutions. Even not having a gun there are ways to protect yourself from the home invasion.

Home invasion survival tips

Device a code that only your family understands

You can have a healthy discussion with your family about coming up with a code. Keep it as simple as possible. It can be simply ‘Escape ‘or ‘Run’ or if you have a particular history with a name, you may use it so that only your family gets it every time you utter it. It works mostly when you are can’t make much noise talking in detail and planning to escape or attack.

Keep a safe room

You can keep a room with necessary amenities like a cell phone, number book, knives, ropes, ladder, etc. so that all of you can come to the safe zone at once and make calls to police and near relatives.

You must not move from the safe room under any circumstances. The idea of coming out of the room and showing the act of bravery is cool only in movies not in real life. Even when you can understand that the intruders have left, you should not step out of it until the police force comes.

Learn from home invasion survival stories

You can learn from the real-life experiences of the survivors. It can be from a newspaper or any other online site. Mostly, the use of the gun is noticeable. But we have to keep in mind that not all of us can use the gun or have the access to use the gun. Hence, it is important to keep other self-defense weapons for a home invasion like personal alarms, Tactical whips, Steel Batons, Pepper spray, or baseball bats at home.

Also, these days there are elf defensive kits available on online platforms like Amazon. You can collect and count on them since they are specially made for defending yourself more efficiently.

Think Tactically

No matter what kind of weapon you have, it’s no use until you learn to think tactically. In the face of danger, it is quite vital for you to stay focused. Your brain would be your biggest weapon in this situation. Keeping the cell phone in a safe room, having important numbers and auditory alarms within reach, and learning to use code names are the type of tactics we are talking about.

Have monitoring devices

You may install devices that can monitor the movements of intruders. It can be cameras or other available low or high techs.

Have bookcases

A bunch of books can slow down intruders’ bullets. Even it is better than any household items to form a defense. Keep some bulky books tightly fisted. Make sure you have them within reach so that you can make use of in-home invasion possible scenarios.

Try having a German Shepherd

A big dog, especially a German shepherd is good for protecting its owner. Not just for invasion, these pets are even useful for giving good fighting to other calamities. Intruders are likely to fear this sort of arrangement in houses.

Hang a bell on the door

It is not really predictable that your door has a bell over it, intruders would just enter through it making noise. It will rather alert them, also you would be able to feel alarmed that someone has entered your home who is not supposed to.

Plant thorny bushes around the house

Thorny plants can be aesthetic home décor at the same time the solid base as a DNA collector. The pointed thorns can make the intruders in an unpleasant situation leaving his torn piece of cloth or bloodstain. It in fact does the job quite easy for the FBI.

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Can I use the firearm to protect my property?

The answer is both yes and no. It especially depends on the laws of your jurisdiction. In most cases it is safe not to use one, just be a witness and summon the police, let them handle things.

Can I use a glow stick to send someone a signal?

Yes, this is a very good option to send the police a signal of your location.

What would be the best way to defend yourself in invasion if the intruder has a firearm and you do not?

It is always better to have the family members pre-committed of plans to escape or to stay in a safe zone. That’s why it is vital to have a proper conversation with family members about it.

If you somehow unluckily face the intruder try to throw things like plates to distract his aim and move to a safer place.

By throwing things and flashlights you may send signals to your neighbors. It is also important to establish a better conversation with them in terms of establishing a plan is such uncalled dangers.   


You can never be one hundred percent sure of any answer of what to do in a home invasion, but the home invasion survival tips upwards are always made one step ahead of those who are totally ignorant of these factors.

Mostly, the steps you can take are the pre-planned, implanted things. These pre-planned works make you smarter towards any sort of danger. By now, we hope you have a good idea of How to defend yourself in a home invasion without a gun.