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Best Heavy Duty Padlock: 8 Top Choices Of 2022

Who doesn’t want to protect his/her properties? Everyone does, right? And that’s exactly where padlocks come into play. Heavy-duty padlocks can easily lock away your assets and properties, keeping them safe from robbery or theft.

But, what are the best heavy duty padlocks? Well, the best padlocks will have top-class manufacturing materials such as stainless steel, hardened steel, brass, etc., that can prevent cutting or sawing.

Now, do you know which particular heavy-duty padlocks provide these capabilities? Luckily for you, we have arranged an informative discussion on 8 of the best ones available out there on the current market. And we have also provided some additional necessary info on this topic. So, if you want to stay worry-free while keeping your assets safe, take this journey with us till the end!

How To Open A Heavy Duty Padlock?

If you are a new user of heavy-duty padlocks, you need ample knowledge on how to safely open and lock a padlock.

The general method of opening a durable padlock is using its designated key. Or, if you’re using an outdoor combination lock that is locked with a PIN, you may have to enter the PIN to open it.

Now, imagine a scenario where you own a beautiful flower garden, and you use heavy duty padlocks to secure garden gates every day. But, one day, you just lost the key to the padlock. What to do then?

Well, in that case, you will need to break open the padlock. To break open a tough padlock, you can opt for one of 3 ways: using a bolt cutter to cut the padlock, using an angle grinder to cut the lock, or using a hacksaw to cut the padlock.

Either way, breaking and opening a padlock will take at least 15 to 30 minutes.

What Type Of Lock Is Hardest To Cut?

The difficulty of cutting a lock is determined by how it’s manufactured. The most durable padlocks are generally constructed from multiple layers of stainless steel, laminated with hardened iron/steel coverings.

However, high security padlocks made out of other materials such as lead and tungsten are also very reliable.

But, padlocks made out of lead and tungsten are not an economical choice because they cost a lot higher than stainless steel padlocks.

Now, other than the above-mentioned materials, modern padlocks are also manufactured with titanium and titanium-brass alloy. These also provide optimum protection against vandalism and theft.

That’s why they are perfectly suited to be used as heavy duty locks for gates, for Securing shed doors, main doors, and garden gates.

All in all, if we put all the construction materials in scale, I would like to say that titanium and alloy steel padlocks are the hardest to cut. Although these construction materials offer high-quality padlocks, they are not a highly costly choice.

Top 8 Picks For The Best Heavy Duty Padlock

In this subsection, we will be dissecting the ins and outs of a few top-quality padlocks in the current market. If you take a look at these options thoroughly, you won’t have any difficulty choosing a particular product for yourself.

1. ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Rekeyable Padlock, Keyed Different – Best High Security Padlock

As the first product in our recommendation list, I will introduce you to a hardened steel padlock that has rekeyable features.

Thanks to its rekeyable characteristic, you can easily change/replace its cylinder and get a new key to work for this padlock.

Plus, since this lock is equipped with an ABUS Plus disc cylinder, it is not prone to security threats from vandalism.

And, this lock is also protected by an anti-corrosion coating that makes this lock look black in color. So, it will not get damaged by rust or corrosion.

Furthermore, this lock comes with two keys (one key is equipped with LED light) and a security card that protects against key duplication attempts.

Even if someone gets ahold of your key behind your back, you can rest assured that your key cannot be duplicated no matter what.

Special Features:

  • This particular padlock is a shoulder-shrouded lock. So, it’s well protected against bolt cutters and hacksaws.
  • Since this lock is corrosion-resistant with a black coating, it’s perfect for use outdoors. That means it’s also fully weatherproof as well.
  • Anti-drill plating is provided to protect this padlock against drilling and lock picking. So, you can rest assured that it can’t be broken open very easily.


  • Handmade manufactured in Germany
  • Huge tensile resistance(six tones)
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Dimensions are optimum for use in small spaces
  • The rectangular shape provides great convenience


  • Shackles are not long
  • Only 2 keys are provided

2. ABUS 83CS/55-300 Schlage Rekeyable Chrome Plated Brass Padlock – Cut proof  Padlock Using a Regular Key

The ABUS 83CS is a chrome-plated, brass padlock that has shoulder-shrouded features. It is provided with uncut keys that can be customized according to the need of the user.

As this lock is manufactured with hardened stainless steel, it is perfect to be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its chrome-plated feature, it is well resistant to moisture and corrosion. So, it’s safe to say this lock is 100% weatherproof.

Moreover, thanks to its dual ball bearing locking mechanism, this lock has a perfectly secured design. Due to this feature, whenever this lock is subjected to pulling and prying, it gets permanently jammed and cannot be opened without the 2 original keys.

Special Features:

  • This lock has a rekeyable cylinder system. So, you can easily replace the cylinder and the key can be redesigned as well.
  • As this is manufactured by ABUS in Germany, the manufacturer is fully trustworthy because it has almost 100 years of experience in lock making.
  • This particular padlock is very lightweight (only 1.25 lb). So, it’s highly convenient to carry and very handy to use every day.
  • The key of this padlock is designed by your locksmith. That’s why there’s no chance of key duplication.


  • Highly durable construction material
  • Hardened steel laminated shackles
  • Optimum anti-drill protection
  • Weight and dimensions are optimum


  • Blank keys are provided that need customization by a locksmith
  • The shackle length is very low

3. Mul-t-lock MT5+ #10 C-Series Padlock with Protector – Padlock With Protector

This is yet another shoulder-shrouded padlock that has hardened steel laminated shackles. The Mul-t-lock MT5+ #10 C-Series Padlock is highly protected against lock picking and drilling because of the titanium-reinforced stainless steel body.

As this padlock comes with two pieces of keys, it is perfect for those people who are looking for a padlock that does not come with duplicate keys.

Besides, the length of the shackle in this particular padlock is very short. So, bolt cutters, hacksaws, and circular cutters can’t cut open this lock.

Plus, the melting point temperature of the hardened steel is very high. Therefore, it cannot be broken open even by using high-temperature propane torches. This, in turn, makes this padlock perfectly secure against all conventional lock-breaking methods.

Special Features:

  • Because this padlock has a two-color design, it has a very futuristic and smart appearance.
  • This lock offers anti-drill resistant features which make its keyholes impenetrable by drilling machines.
  • As this padlock weighs only about 1.3 lb, it’s highly portable and comfortable to use every day
  • The 6×4.4×1 inch dimension is perfectly optimum for using this lock in large and small structures


  • Amazingly smart design
  • Perfect protection against corrosion
  • Keys cannot be duplicated
  • Can be used outdoors


  • The keyholes can get jammed due to dust or dirt accumulation
  • No warranty is provided

4. KAWAHA 71/60KD-3K Stainless Steel D-Shaped Heavy Duty Padlock – D-Shaped Heavy Duty Padlock

D-shaped padlocks are perfect for locking and securing warehouses, sheds, containers, etc. It’s because D-shaped padlocks are extremely resistant to bolt cutters and conventional lock-breaking tools.

That’s why we have decided to recommend the KAWAHA Heavy Duty Padlock to you. As this is manufactured from stainless hardened steel and comes with three keys, it’s perfect for outdoor usage.

On top of that, in the padlock, the keyhole and the shackle opening are on the same side. This makes sure that this lock is easy to lock and unlock. As a result, it’s perfectly suited for everyday usage.

Apart from that, this lock also comes with a weatherproof disc cylinder that is manufactured from hardened stainless steel. This feature prevents prying and physical attack from opening the padlock.

Plus, it’s worth mentioning that this lock is perfectly corrosion-proof and rust-proof. This padlock is also tested and certified to be resistant to 4 tons of pulling force.

Special Features:

  • Its D shape makes it suited for both home and industrial usage. Therefore, it’s a very high security padlock suited for all types of compounds.
  • Once you enter the key, you can’t pull the key out unless the padlock is locked. So, there’s little chance that you will lose the key while using this padlock.
  • Because it doesn’t have any weak spots on its body, it’s safe to say that this lock is one of the top-most secure padlocks in the current market


  • High number of spare keys are provided
  • Design and appearance are convenient for daily usage
  • Highly portable to use
  • Perfectly resistant against cutting and sawing


  • Cleaning padlock on a routine basis is mandatory to prevent jamming
  • Warranty is not provided by the manufacturer

5. Master Lock M175XDLF Heavy Duty Outdoor Combination Lock – Best Combination Heavy Duty Padlock

In case you are a forgetful person and have a tendency to forget the keys, you should choose the best combination padlock for yourself. That’s why we have picked the Master Lock M175XDLF for you.

It’s a high security padlock that is unlocked with a combination and manufactured from top-quality brass. That’s why it’s perfectly convenient to use even for a forgetful person.

Also, because it’s made of brass, it’s perfectly weather resistant. That means that it’s fully corrosion-proof and rust-proof. It’s fully safe to use rain or sun.

The shackle of this padlock is manufactured from top-quality hardened steel. Thanks to this characteristic, it’s 100% protected against cutting, sawing, prying, etc. Therefore, it’s a perfect choice for use as a storage lock, shed lock, warehouse lock, etc.

Special Features:

  • Thanks to its zinc and brass alloy construction, it’s very smart-looking in terms of appearance. So, it doesn’t look cheap at all.
  • The shackle of this padlock is very long. Due to this, using this padlock is a very flexible experience.
  • Thanks to its 8 oz weight, it’s highly portable and convenient to carry.
  • The construction material of this padlock is tested to be 50% harder than hardened steel. So, drilling and breaking open is not possible for this padlock.


  • Extremely durable
  • High price to performance ratio
  • Keyless feature
  • Attractive finish and smart appearance


  • No other way to unlock it if the combination is forgotten
  • Long shackle makes it prone to breaking opening by hydraulic pressure

6. Master Lock M930XKADLH Magnum Heavy Duty Solid Steel Padlock with Key –  Best Long Shackle Padlock

For a highly flexible user experience, you will need a padlock that offers a very long shackle. Long shackle padlocks are perfect for chaining up gates, sheds, vehicles, home doors, etc. Hence, we have decided to get you introduced to the Master Lock M930XKADLH.

Plus, the smooth hardened steel finishing on the shackle of this padlock makes it 100% resistant to cutting and sawing with conventional tools. Also, it’s equipped with a 5-pin cylinder, which further enhances its security.

Furthermore, this padlock is paired with a dual ball bearing locking mechanism and octagonal boron-carbide shackle. It should be noted that boron carbide is about 50% harder than hardened steel.

So, with this padlock, security is not compromised even a bit.

Special Features:

  • This lock only weighs about 1 lb. So, it’s ultra-portable
  • Boron carbide construction ensures that it’s fully waterproof
  • Shiny outlook makes it a very smart looking tool to be used daily
  • Very long shackle makes it suitable for both industrial and home usage


  • Extremely durable construction material
  • Perfect resistance against prying and cutting
  • Optimum dimensions
  • Corrosion and rust prevention finish is available


  • No warranty is provided by the manufacturer
  • Low number of spare keys

7. ABUS 83/45-300 S2 Schlage 45mm All Weather Solid Brass Rekeyable Padlock with 1″ Shackle – Best Easy-to-use Padlock

If you don’t have experience using padlocks before, you need a particular padlock model that is very easy to use. So, keeping the simplicity of usage in mind, we have decided to recommend you the ABUS 83/45-300 S2 Schlage.

It’s a padlock that is manufactured from solid brass. That’s why it’s perfectly protected against corrosion. So, you can use this padlock even in a salty environment without having to worry about its durability.

It has a dual ball-bearing locking mechanism. And, you can also take out the cylinder anytime from this padlock and redesign its keys. That means that if you buy this padlock, you can keep using it for multiple years.

Special Features:

  • Since this lock is manufactured by ABUS, security is not compromised, that’s for sure.
  • The weight of this padlock is only 13 oz and the dimension is 2.07 x 0.98 x 3.39 in. So, it’s perfect for use in small spaces.
  • It’s fully manufactured in the USA, so the quality is not compromised at all


  • Smart appearance and design
  • Fully secure against prying and picking
  • High price to performance ratio
  • Key customization is possible (comes with a blank key)


  • The key must be designed by a locksmith
  • The lock is not shoulder shrouded

8. ABUS 70/35 KA Solid Brass Weatherproof Padlock Keyed Alike – Best  Weatherproof Heavy Duty Padlock

In case you are willing to use your padlock in outdoor weather, the padlock must be guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. That’s why, as the last product on our recommendation list, we have decided to introduce you to the ABUS 70/35 KA Solid Brass Weatherproof Padlock.

The specialty of this padlock is that its internal mechanisms are completely rust-free and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, even if water gets into this padlock, you can be certain that it won’t be damaged due to water or moisture.

Aside from that, this padlock is manufactured from hardened steel but it is coated with vinyl and brass. Thanks to this characteristic, it has a black appearance which makes it very smart-looking and futuristic.

Special Features:

  • The weatherproof design makes sure that this padlock can be used in snow, rain, sun, or dry weather.
  • The shackle length is optimum. Therefore, it’s perfect for chaining up house gates, shed gates, warehouse gates, heavy vehicles, etc.
  • As it comes in a 2.56 x 1.42 x 0.75 in dimension, it is highly convenient to use this padlock in small spaces.


  • The sleek and futuristic appearance
  • Weight and dimension are optimum
  • Corrosion proof and rust-resistant
  • High price to performance ratio


  • No warranty is provided by the manufacturer
  • The shackle is not protected by shoulder shrouded structure

Buying Guide: How To Buy The Best Padlocks?

Before buying a particular padlock, you must evaluate all of its qualities and characteristics.

More specifically, before making a purchase, you have to examine its size, shackle material, shackle size, shackle shape, the size of the keyhole, drilling resistance, lock pins, etc.

To make this process easier for you, we have broken down each aspect and given information on how to make the best decision when buying the Best Heavy duty Padlock. Here we go,

1. Size:

It’s best to buy a padlock that is small in size. That is a simple principle that you must follow while buying a padlock. Now, having a small-sized padlock doesn’t necessarily mean that it is weak in security.

If the padlock is manufactured from top-quality material, it will not compromise durability and security even if it’s small in size.

Rather, having a small-sized padlock will make your user experience much more easier and pleasing. It’s because with small size comes portability and convenience.

2. Shackle Material:

The shackle is the main component of a padlock that secures the lock to a certain entity. Now, if the shackle is not manufactured from top-quality material, the padlock will never be able to provide you security.

For instance, if your padlock has a hardened stainless steel shackle, you can expect good durability and resistance against bolt cutters.

That’s why buying a padlock that has a stainless steel shackle or titanium shackle is always a recommended choice. So, don’t forget to check the construction material of the shackle of your padlock before making the purchase.

3. Open or Closed Shackle:

Padlocks can come with both open shackles and closed shackles. In our opinion, it’s best to opt for closed shackle padlocks. Remember, vandals and thieves always attack the shackle of a padlock to open it.

So, if you have a closed/covered padlock, the criminals will have less chance of cutting the padlock with a bolt cutter or a hacksaw.

Consequently, this feature will be able to provide you with security that open shackles will not be able to.

Now, it should be noted here that the best long shackle padlocks in the market will generally be manufactured with open shackles.

So, if you have a particular need for long shackle padlocks, you’ve got no other choice but to opt for an open shackle padlock.

4. Key Size:

The key size is an important criterion that you should consider before purchasing a heavy duty padlock.

If the key is too large, you’ll have difficulty carrying it and keeping it in your pockets. But, if the key is too small, you run the risk of losing it in everyday usage.

That’s why we think the best padlocks are those that come with a combination key locking system. As these locks can be locked and unlocked without a key (with a pin or number combination), these are highly convenient to use for those people who tend to forget.

It should also be noted that the best combination locks in the market should come with a 5-digit combination option. So, make sure the lock you’re buying has a 5 digit combination locking system.

Now, if you are particularly looking for a padlock with physical keys, you should always buy a key lock box for your keys. That way, your keys are protected with an extra layer of security.

5. Shoulder Shroud:

If you’re buying a padlock for protecting any property that is situated outdoors, you better choose a shoulder-shrouded padlock for securing your properties.

Shoulder shrouded padlocks have hardened steel protection over their shackles that look like a shrouded human shoulder.

Due to this extra protection layer, we think the best padlock for outdoor sheds, farms, barns, and backyards are those that come with shrouded shoulders.

6. Anti Drill Plate :

To protect the assets with 100% security, some manufacturers provide anti-drill plates around the keyhole. This makes sure that the lock cannot be picked or drilled no matter what.

So, if you want extreme security, you should always pick those padlocks that provide anti-drill plates around their keyholes.

7. Pins:

A good-quality padlock will usually have 12 pins inside its keyholes. The pins and their combinations define if a key is suited to unlock a particular padlock or not.

Which is why, the more pins a padlock has, the better security it will be able to provide.

Therefore, we suggest that you choose a padlock that has at least 12 pins inside its keyhole. Also, make sure to check the pins’ specifications before making the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Can bolt cutters cut through padlocks?

Although bolt cutters are preliminary tools for cutting locks, they are not capable of cutting all types of padlocks. For example, shoulder-shrouded padlocks have extra layers of metal lamination around the shackle and are perfectly resistant to bolt cutters.

2. Can I break padlocks with hammers?

Low-quality padlocks can be easily broken open with hammers. But, the most expensive padlocks in the current market are perfectly resistant to physical damage by hammers. Especially, if your padlock is protected with extra hardened steel lamination, you can be sure that hammers won’t be able to break the padlock.

3. Which type of padlocks is suited for securing storage units/facilities?

A heavy duty lock for storage units will be equipped with a hardened steel laminated shackle. Also, the keyhole should be well protected by anti-drill resistant eliminations as well. Since storage units are frequently targeted by robbers and thieves, the padlock you’re buying should also be large in size.


As you can already guess by now, padlocks need to be bought after a thorough evaluation. And, it’s no simple job. That’s why, if you want to skip the trouble of doing this, you go for ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Rekeyable Padlock, Keyed Different. It’s an overall best performer from our perspective.

However, if you have special requirements such as a shrouded shoulder or closed shackle feature, you should pick the Mul-t-lock MT5+ #10 C-Series Padlock with Protector. It offers the best resistance against cutting, sawing, and lock picking.

Now, we can assure you that whichever product you choose from our recommendation list, you are sure to get the best value for the price you’re paying. It’s because we only picked the best brand padlocks for you after a thorough and detailed examination.

So, don’t be afraid to pick any product you like. Best of luck to you!!

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