How to child-proof french doors

How to childproof French doors (6 Best Way)

French doors are exquisite for opening up the interior. However, it is less safe for babies. Now, the common question appears-How to child-proof french doors?

When the children are at the age of touching, pulling, swinging, closing anything they see, the French doors appear to be quite dangerous. One of the most common accidents we see with French doors is trapping figures, sometimes it turns out to be too critical to treat it at home, parents have to run to hospitals. So, considering all the odds with children, french doors are a new headache for parents these days. How to child-proof french doors is the burning question for them. 

But hey! That’s why we are here for you. In this article, we are going to learn about some solutions to child-proof the French doors.

How to childproof French doors?

Installing Glide lock

Grab a French door lock that looks good as well as secures well. Glidelock is one of the best safety locks for French doors. While it is quite hard to keep the door flexible only for adults and not for kids, Glidelok came to save the day. In fact, the creators of Glidelok are the mom and dad of twins who understood very well the importance to invent such a type of safety lock. Moreover, it is a double door lock for the French door.

The price is also not too high for you to reach. It’s just the bill of your regular fast-food meal that stands hand in hand with the price of it.

Your cute little kids physically won’t be able to get a grip of it. Plus, it offers quick installation and keeps away the trouble of always keeping a key.

How to Install Glidelock In Less Than 5 min

Fixing lever handle door locks

If the door in your home is with a lever handle then the chance is also higher your kid can open it anytime. All he or she needs to do is to put a bit of physical pressure on the handle. That is why you must fix lever handle door locks for these kinds of doors. The adhesive tape is quite handy to cover the door lever.

However, your toddler can be a wise one and figure out soon how to open it putting a bit of pressure. To avoid such happenings, you may take the help of a special doorknob.

It is better to take help from professionals to install a special doorknob in your home.

DIY baby proof lever door handles

If you have a limited budget for this sort of stuff, then DIY is the immediate solution you can seek.

Here are two DIY hacks you can totally count on!

Using an old cloth

Things you need

  • No additional cloth, all you need is some old cloth.

How does it work?

Place the cloth between the door and door frame. Make sure you have put it on the side of the door handle, then check if the door is fully closed or not.

Never forget to check the door more than once by closing and opening. Thus you get to know if it sets fine.

If in any case, the cloth falls, make more folds to keep it thicker. Another important point to be noted; keep the cloth higher so that your little explorer cannot go there.

Using towel instead of pinch guard

Things you need

  • An old towel and a masking tape.

How does it work?

This one requires a little bit more of your effort than the cloth hack. Place the towel closer to the hinged side and at the top side of it. The placing should be good enough in keeping the door closed all day as well as place it at a distance so that the door doesn’t hurt your little one’s finger.

If the towel appears too long, your kid will reach it, so, cut it to a considerable length.

With the help of masking tape, you can fix the towel to its place. So, tape the corners of the towels with the door.

Now, some people ask- can I use other kinds of tapes? Well, you can use other types. However, keep in mind to choose a kind that doesn’t wear off the paint.

Sometimes, towels spoil the interior you planned. In this case, we would suggest you use a towel similar to the door paint.

Installing Pat lock

If you are looking for an instant French door security lock system, then installing a pat lock can be a very good way. It provides an additional support to the main lock, not a replacement. You can use pat lock both in windows and doors. It is safest and at the same quite easy to install.

A Cabinet Latch

Secure French doors that open inwards by a cabinet latch. A cabinet latch is the best way to save you child and cupboards at the same time. Some adults find the cords to be too easy to open, however, it is not so for your toddler.

The cords are simple for adults to use, it is quite portable, and at the same time pretty much safe for children.

Installing door alarm

Installing a door alarm for French door completes the security system for your house. Even you can install a vibrating door alarm if you are not a fan of loud alarms.

By installing sensors, the French door’s panes, you can secure the door. They instantly give alarm as soon as the door moves abruptly.


Each way above has both plus points and drawbacks. The lever handle door may not work long for smart kids. The DIY baby-proof lever door handles, on the other hand, may not be the best option for people who are more into interior decoration, but they are better choices for saving some penny.

 Moreover, using a door monkey is actually a good option for all types of environments. Glidelok is a smart option indeed, you just need to spend a bit of your money. If you look into the market closely, there are many available and affordable Glideloks around.

We hope the article was helpful in answering your question- How to child-proof french doors?

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