How to Install Cam Lock

How To Install A Cam Lock On a Cabinet

Do you need a simple solution to keep your valuables safe? In a drawer, file cabinets, or something similar. Are you familiar with a simple locking solution; cam lock? 

Cam lock is a type of fastener used to keep drawer, file cabinets assembled safely. And, so to keep your prized possession inside safe. Neither do they affect the outer appearance of the drawer nor are they pricey.

But, you might be wondering how to install cam lock, right? Our today’s article will show you how to make a cam lock installation easier and more convenient! 

Various Types of Cam Locks

Before we show you how to install cam lock on cabinet, let’s first get acquainted with different types of cabinet locks. 

There are two types of cam locks that are regularly utilized. These are-

  • Cam lock with a flat key
  • Cam lock tubular

The former is the type that opens the lock with a standard flat key. Tubular cam locks, on the other hand, require a different sort of key. These keys have a rounded shape and may be identified from car keys or door keys.

What about certain odd cam lock types that don’t require keys to operate? These locks are currently available from a variety of manufacturers. Combo locks are another name for keyless cam locks. They’re such names because they work with mechanical or electrical combinations.

Mechanical keyless combination locks are ideally suited for drawers or small cabinets. Electronic combination locks are larger and can be put in larger cabinets.

Why Do I Need a Cam Lock? 

Before advancing to the instructions on how to install furniture cam lock, you also have to know the benefits of having a cam lock. 

Cam locks are a strong, cylindrical locking mechanism that is commonly used for security. To protect your important files and precious items in the drawer, cabinets, safety boxes, file cabinets, you can use these tiny fixtures. They allow the furniture to be held together securely.

So, if you want to assemble drawers or furniture easily and quickly, Grab a cam  lock for cabinet and install it the right way. 

7 Easy Steps on How to Install Cam Lock: 

  1. First, choose a cam lock that is big enough to go all the way through the thickness of the surface you’re going to put it on. Get all cam lock installation tools before you start this DIY project. 
  2. Now you must mark the location where the cam lock will be installed. In most cases, it should be near the midway and at the edge of the drawer front.
  3. After that, drill a hole where you marked. Go to the drill press and place it in the center of the hole. To make the hole, use a ¾-inch Forstner bit. Clamp a scrap of wood inside the drawer to protect it from damage.
  4. Tips: Don’t drill the entire length of the hole from one side. Drill half of the time from the front and half from the back. This simple trick will prevent chipping. 
  5. It’s time to put the cam lock in place. Through the drilled hole, insert the lock body.
  6. Place a prong washer over the lock body with the prongs facing the wood to secure it in place.
  7. Thread the cylinder nut over the prong washer and tighten it.
  8. Then choose between a 90° or 180° stop. The cam and the cam retaining screw come next. Use furniture cam lock connectors to draw the wood piece and nut combination together sturdily. 

That’s it! Your concern about how to install a disc tumbler cam lock has been answered. 

If you’re using a combo lock, here’s how to set the combination. 

  1. The combination is initially set at >0-0-0<
  2. To reset, the combination must be on the opening number 
  3. Find out the hole for the code reset button of the lock. You can rotate the face of the cam until you find the reset button
  4. Push the pin in using one finger or paper clip and keep it pushed in
  5. Now you’re done, release the reset button

How to Measure a Cam Lock? 

Without measuring the size of a Cam lock that fits your drawer, you can’t install it. And, so our guide about how to install cam lock on cabinet door will be in vain. 

You must be aware of the several dimensions between the door and the enclosure cabinet. To ensure a snug, gap-free fit, measure the following characters of the cam lock. These are Grip range, Head height, Housing height, maximum compression, maximum grip, and maximum panel thickness. Out of them, grip range is of less value. 

A Word of Caution When Installing Drawer Locks

As we guide you on how to install cam locks on furniture, we want to add a warning voice here. If the furniture (where you’re going to install a cam lock) is made up of particleboard, drill it carefully. Because particles are not wood all through. And so, the material may not hold the drilling holes well, especially near the edge.

Another good practice is drilling wood cabinets; when drilling all wood stuff, lay painters’ tape over the drill location before drilling. This may help prevent chipping. Most Camlock-style locks come with small metal goof rings that form a 14-inch metal ring around the lock to conceal any chipping.

Final Words

A stitch in time saves nine. If you follow today’s article(How to install cam lock?) And put a lock in the cabinets, you will get benefits for sure. 

Remember cam locks can also be put in joints for more security. Often, they are made invisible after the construction, which looks more fantastic. Therefore, a premium cam lock will provide security and boost the look of a drawer or cabinet.