How to Lock a Sliding Glass Door from the Outside

How to Lock a Sliding Glass Door from the Outside? (5 Easy Ways)

Locking a sliding glass door from the outside can be pretty convenient under different circumstances. For instance, you may start using the sliding door as the main entrance but still need to keep it locked after leaving home. How do you do that?

In this article, I’ll show you different methods to learn how to lock a sliding glass door from the outside.

These methods include installing different types of locks that work differently to suit your needs. Keep in mind that these mechanisms may work better if you combine them with other safety measures like a shatterproof film.

With that said, let’s begin!


How to Lock Sliding Glass Doors from Outside?

Check out these different types of sliding glass locks and how they could give you access to the house from the outside.

1.     Keyed Sliding Glass Door Locks

The first method to lock the sliding glass door from the outside is installing a keyed sliding glass door lock.

Sliding glass door handles come with room for a key cylinder, but other doors may not have room for this mechanism. If that’s your case, buying a complete key lock set with handles is the right approach.

A keyed sliding door lock works from inside and outside the home, and it is similar to double-bolt locks. Once you engage it, the lock turns the hook into a locked or open position.

Installing this type of lock is pretty straightforward, mostly because most of these locks are flush-mount. Still, it’s important to pick sliding door lockscompatible with the patio door, and you also want to make sure whether the handle is for left-handed or right-handed doors.

With that said, there is more than one disadvantage to this type of lock. For starters, a keyed lock is not the most secure mechanism to protect the house from intruders. Plus, there’s no way to secure the door with a security bar from the inside after leaving the house.

Installing a keyed lock is a convenient solution to locking the sliding glass door from the outside, but it’s not the safest solution. Securing the door with an auxiliary lock would make it more secure.

2.     Surface-Mounted Hook Bolt

This type of lock goes over or under the already installed lock, and it’s compatible with most sliding glass doors.

A surface-mounted hook bolt is an auxiliary lock that lets you secure the door from either inside or outside the house. There’s an exterior panel with a keypad lock to enter a password, guaranteeing no one can open a locked sliding glass door.

Once you enter the correct digits, the door will unlock. Installing this type of lock feels more secure and modern than a traditional keyed lock.

This type of lock may look like a smart lock, but they’re not the same things. A surface-mounted hook bolt doesn’t have the same features, and it’s not as expensive as smart locks. Thus, you should not expect this mechanism to work with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.

3.     Window Lock

A window lock is another potential solution if you’re struggling to find a way to lock the sliding door from the outside. Most people install this mechanism from the inside, but you can also set it up on the outside to lock the door.

If you’re enjoying quality time outside with the kids, a window lock will keep the little ones from entering the house repeatedly.

One of the window locks you want to check out is the Safetynex Window Lock. This mechanism comes with an adhesive backing that is easy to adhere over the surface of the sliding door.

Furthermore, there’s no need to drill or make major modifications to the door frame or glass surface to put this lock into place.

4.     Gate Latches with Padlock

Installing gate latches and securing them with a padlock can keep the sliding door from moving.

Nowadays, the latches feature stainless steel materials that are solid and thick to provide strength and durability. As a result, burglars will have a hard time bypassing this mechanism once you lock it from inside or outside the house.

These latches come with screws to keep them in place with a firm installation. The installation is straightforward: one latch goes on the frame, while the other latch goes on the sliding glass door.

After installation, the latches offer two loops that you can use to lock the door to the frame with a padlock.

Another reason to consider using gate latches is that they look good. Some models come in brushed nickel or matte black finishes that last long, even under the rain. Use the gate latches for protection but also to improve the aesthetics of the sliding doors.

5.     Offset Thumb Turn Lock

This lock type is similar to the standard mortise-style lock, with a latch positioned on the sliding door that connects to a receiver over the frame.

The difference between offset thumb turn lock and mortise locks is that these come integrated into the handle. Due to this design, the offset thumb turn lock is one of the easiest to secure when you shut the door close.

Classic offset thumb turn lock only locks from the inside, but modified versions come with a key lock that you can use from the outside too. In many ways, it’s plausible to consider this type of lock as another form of a keyed lock.

The benefit here is that these locks blend better with the aesthetics of the patio door and remain hidden. If unwanted visitors get near the door, chances are they won’t see the opening to insert the key.


The mechanisms described here will let you lock a sliding glass door from the outside, but that doesn’t mean that they will protect the sliding glass door from the burglar.

Ideally, combining a keyed lock with a shatterproof film will increase the protection of the sliding door and your home. Consider using one or multiple of the methods included in this list to guarantee no one enters your home unless you want to.

And that’s it for this piece on how to lock a sliding glass door from the outside! Review each option and choose the one method that seems more appropriate for your sliding door. This way, you’ll leave home knowing that all doors are secured.

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