Install Chain Lock on Door

How to Install Chain Lock on Door by Yourself

Whenever people think of installing something on their doors, they opt for a carpenter. But have you ever wondered why you would need to rely on a professional to do such a small task? Yes, the installation process of chain locks is not as hard as many think them to be.

However, if one goes through the wrong steps, learning how to install chain lock on door might seem like learning rocket science. And even though there a plenty of different approaches, we know the process that is easy and simple to follow. Well, that is the process we will describe in this guide. So, read till the very end!

Step by Step Process to Install a Door Security Chain Lock

When it comes to how to secure a door from the inside, door security chains are probably the easiest and most accessible option. After you combine it with a deadbolt, you can get extra security for the doors. However, that extra security can only be obtainable if you follow the correct installation process.

That said, we believe in keeping things simple. Instead of making things complicated, we always try to learn something in the simplest ways. And that is tread we will follow for this guide. So, let us get right into it!

Step 1: Go Shopping!

Before you get further into the process of how to install a chain lock on a metal door or any door, you need to grab a door chain lock. The key to getting a good chain lock is to consider all essential factors such as build quality, durability, finish, length of the security chain, and other points before making a purchase.

Step 2: Gather the Required Materials

Once you are through the first step, remove the door chain lock from the packaging. There should be an instruction manual. We would recommend you go through it as it might contain some vital information.

Also, check the type of hardware and tools you will need. If it does not come with screws, we recommend picking some extra long screws. On that note, you should also get yourself masking tape and a pencil to position the security chain locks appropriately.

Step 3: Work with the Template of the Lock Plate

Use the masking tape to tape up the lock plate. This step is a vital part as you will need to position the templatein the right place. Without getting it right, sliding it in place will not provide youwith that much security on the door.And the position of the plate should be about three to six inches above the deadbolt of your door.

However, if you do not have a deadbolt on the door frame, you need to place it about 3 to 6  inches above the door’s handle. Mark the points using a pencil. Also, the template should guide you through in terms of which points need marking.

Step 4: Get into Drilling

Now, you would need to pre-drill the holesfor the screw holes. Ensure that you are using the right drill bits. Drilling a larger hole will make you make unnecessary holes in the frame. So, ensure you are using the right drill bit. You should also wear the proper protective gear while using the drill machine.

Step 5: Screw the Template of the Lock in Place

After the drill holes are in place, take the template and screw it into the screw holes. Do not fasten the screws too much, as it might make you strip them. Once the template is up on the door frame, move along to the next step.

Step 6: Work with the Security Chain Mount

Next, we have the template for the security chain mount. Like the previous plate, this needs to be in the correct position too. It would be best if you positioned it right on the wall that is outside of the front door frame. Even if you are working with steel or metal doors, the placement will be the same. It should align with the other lock plate.

Step 7: Mark up the Template, Drill Holes, and Attach It

For the chain lock hardware, you need to follow the same procedure as the other template. The key is to mark up the holes of the steel template and drill it accordingly. When using a drillon the edge of the door, ensure that the other locking hardware is not on the way. It is applicable for a hardened steel door too.

Step 8: Secure the Chain Mount

Once the holeis in place, secure the door chain lock with screws. Please test it out by keeping it in a locked state. The steel or metal parts of the door chain lock should not move when you are using the locks. Also, for a steel door, you might need longer fasteners than usual a door.

Furthermore, the door chain locks should make about an inch of a gap. If the chains leave more space, consider changing the position of the chain locks.

Final Words

As you can see, learning how to install chain lock on door gets pretty easy if you know what steps to follow. And we can assure you that if you correctly follow the steps above, you can get the lock set up in no time at all!

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