Open a Disc Lock without a Key

How to Open a Disc Lock without a Key (3 Effective Methods !)

You’ve locked your motorbike with a disc lock and left the key on the road while putting it into the pocket. What will be your next move? How will you open a disc lock without a key? Well, we will get on that in a bit.

There are several methods of opening a disc lock if you have the right tools. Picking disc locks is a very common and effective way to get rid of detention. Simple lock picks and a tension wrench will do the job. You can also drill the lock or cut it using a bolt cutter.

Let’s know more about how you can deal with a disc lock without a key.

Tools Required for Open a Disc Lock without a Key

Depending on the method you are using to open a disc lock without a key, you might require the following tools.

Picking the Lock

  • Tension Wrench
  • Lock Pick Rake

Drilling the Lock

  • Drill Machine
  • Titanium Drill Bits
  • Bolt Extractor

Cutting the Lock

  • Hammer
  • Bolt Cutter or Angle Grinder

We will go through how to break a disc lock shortly. Stay tuned.

How to Open a Disc Lock without a Key?

Here are the detailed steps of different methods to open a disc lock. Check them out.

Picking the Lock

Picking a lock is one of the oldest and most effective techniques. Here’s how you can pick a disc padlock.

  • Insert the tension wrench into the keyhole and turn it a bit like the key. Use the lock pick rake to reach the first pin.
  • Push the pin-up slowly while keeping the tension wrench in the same position. Once the first pin is in place, reach further for the next pins.
  • After pushing all the pins up, you can remove the shackle with the tension wrench.

Drilling the Lock

You can follow this process if you have a drill machine with a titanium drill bit.

  • Find the keyhole of the disc lock or padlock. Place your drill bit on the hole and start drilling.
  • Be careful while drilling and make sure the lock is apart from the bike body.
  • Drill towards the center of the lock. Try hammering the lock to open the shackle.
  • If it doesn’t open, drill more holes. At one point, the lock should come off with ease.

Cutting the Lock

Cutting a disc lock is the most convenient way if you have lost key to disc lock.

  • You can use a wire cutter, bolt cutter, or angle grinder to cut the lock.
  • Move the lock apart from the bike body and hold it with pliers or something.
  • Run the bolt cutter or angle grinder to cut through the lock.
  • The lock will come off without any issues.

Can You Break a Disc Lock?

Using disc lock for storage unit is very common as they provide enhanced safety. With high resistance to breaking, disc locks are also commonly used in motorcycles. Is it possible to break such a lock?

To be honest, breaking a disc lock with a hammer isn’t feasible. As the shackle of a disc lock is shielded, it is difficult to reach the shackle with a hammer. Using a bolt cutter is also difficult on these locks.

So, you might not be able to break disc locks using a hammer.

How to Break a Round Lock?

Round disc locks are also common, and you break them using a few tools. But don’t start breaking a lock unless you have permission. Public storage lock removal might be forbidden by different laws, so check that first.

You will need the following things to break around the lock.

  • One or two bolt cutters
  • Angle grinder
    • Hold the lock with a bolt cutter as it might move while cutting.
    • Use the angle grinder to cut through the shackle. In round locks, the shackle is more exposed than traditional disc locks.
    • If you can’t remove the lock, cut it in two positions to break the shackle.

How to Cut a Disc Lock with Bolt Cutters?

As the hasp is concealed in disc locks, it is a bit tricky to open up your bike locks. Still, you can try the following process to cut a disc lock.

  • Get a pair of bolt cutters. Hold the lock body firmly with one of the cutters.
  • Place the other cutter on the hasp and apply enough pressure.
  • If you can’t cut the lock this way, try placing a brick under the lever of the bolt cutter and press the top lever with both hands.
  • This should break open the lock.

How to Open a House Lock without a Key?

The manufacturer usually provides a disc padlock pro replacement key to use in emergency situations. If the replacement key isn’t available, you can follow any of these methods to open a house lock without a key.

  • You can use the picking method mentioned above to pick the lock.
  • Hammering an ordinary padlock can break the lock in a few minutes.
  • If you have a bolt cutter or angle grinder within your reach, you can use them to open the lock.


Losing the key to a disc lock might leave you in bad situations. But having proper tools and knowledge will quickly lift you off the hurdles. From picking locks to cutting them, every method will need some expertise to perform.

So, make sure you know how to open a disc lock without a key. The knowledge will help you break open stubborn disc locks in emergency situations. But remember, don’t use these methods to unlawfully open a lock that you aren’t permitted to. This might lead you to penalties according to local laws.

One more thing, the easiest way to open a disc lock is always using the key. So, keep it safe.

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