Open A Locked Bathroom Door Without A Keyhole

How to Open A Locked Bathroom Door Without A Keyhole

Unlocking a locked bathroom or bedroom door with a keyhole is easy, right? But what about a door without a keyhole? We are talking about a door with a privacy door knob, push and twist door lock, or press-button lock.

Well, if your bathroom door does not have a built in keyhole, there are many proven ways to open it. For instance, you could use a screwdriver, hammer, plastic card, coat hanger, or even a coin. Alternatively, you can choose to smash the door open with your foot or simply remove the hinge.

Unfortunately, what works for one type of lock may not work for another. So, below is a step-by-step guide to open a locked bathroom door without a keyhole  in different methods.

What Types of Bathroom Locks Without a Keyhole Are Available?

Bathroom locks come in different types and designs for you to choose from. Below are some of the standard lock types without a keyhole.

  • Privacy door knob

Also known as a ball privacy knob, this is the most popular bathroom lock. The lock features a locking mechanism in the form of a button on the inside of the doorknob. You just push or rotate the button to lock the door.

  • Push and twist door lock

This is a standard doorknob type of lock but with a push or twist-button locking mechanism. Like the privacy door knob, this lock can be unlocked when you are inside the bathroom.

  • Deadbolt lock

A deadbolt lock features a thumb-turn locking mechanism on the inside. This means you can only open it if you are inside the bathroom. It is also integrated with an occupancy indicator to alert you whether or not the bathroom is occupied.

  • Coin-operated lock

As the name suggests, this type of lock is designed to unlock by inserting a coin. The lock has a hole that looks almost similar to a keyhole where you insert your coin.

  • Push-button lock

This lock boasts a button at the center of the handle or doorknob for ease of locking or unlocking your bathroom door. In addition, it is equipped with a mini hole on the outside for unlocking it in an emergency situation.

How To Unlock a Bathroom Door Without a Keyhole

Depending on the type of your bathroom or bedroom door lock, you might need a different method of opening the door. So, let’s check out some of the most effective methods of how to open bathroom door without key.

Method 1: Using a metal coat hanger

Locked inside your bathroom? Here is how to open it using a metal coat hanger from either the outside or inside.

Step 1: Straighten your hanger

Get a sturdy metal coat hanger and straighten it out. Alternatively, you could use a paperclip or screwdriver.

Step 2: Unlock the door

Most locks come with a miniature hole at the center of the knob that looks like a keyhole. So, you will need to insert the tip of your hanger, paperclip, or Philips screwdriver into the pinhole. Then, push the tip as far as possible, and the lock will pop on the other side.

Step 3: Curve the hanger into a handle shape

Sometimes, your bathroom lock may not have the standard tiny hole but rather a latch bolt. You simply bend the hanger into a handle shape and then a hook on the other end.

Step 4: Open the lock

First, place your hanger between the edge of your bathroom door and the wall. Then, fold the hanger around the latch bolt. Next, use your other hand to turn the knob while pulling the hanger towards you. Your door should open.

Method 2: Using a coin or screwdriver

This method works best for bathroom doors with a privacy lock in the form of a coin slot but no keyhole. So, below are simple steps about how to unlock a privacy door knob using a coin.

Step 1: Insert your coin

If the door is locked on the outside, you just insert a coin into the hole on the doorknob. This should automatically open your bathroom door.

Step 2: Get a screwdriver

If you don’t have a coin, you could use a standard screwdriver with a sharp point. This is how to unlock a bathroom door with a screwdriver; simply insert the tool’s tip into the coin slot.

Step 3: Unlock the door

Next up, while applying pressure, turn your screwdriver clockwise. But if your door has a knob, push your screwdriver into the coin slot while at the same time turning the knob. You should hear a clicking sound once the door opens.

Method 3: Using plastic card

This method works best when you are locked inside the bathroom or bedroom. Below are easy steps to help you unlock your bathroom using only a card.

Step 1: Get a plastic card

The best card to use should be laminated, stiff, and flat with a flexible design. Unless you don’t have an option, you should not use your credit card, identity card, or debit card. Such cards could quickly get damaged. Instead, you should use a gift card or loyalty card.

Step 2: Insert the plastic card

First, grasp your door’s doorknob with one hand and push the door as hard as possible. This will help create a wide gap between the doorframe and the door.

Then, slide your card between the space exactly where the locking mechanism is located. Make sure to insert the card at a slightly downward angle.

Step 3: Wiggle down your card

Next up, try wiggling your plastic card downward but do it gently. You should repeat this step until you come across the locking mechanism on the doorknob. Then, push the card out of the door jamb.

Step 4: Push the door open

After wiggling the card for some time, you should feel some kind of resistance from your bathroom lock. Once this happens, just push the door open and wiggle your card some more to achieve the right opening.

Method 4: Removing door handle

What happens if the above methods regarding how to open a locked bedroom door without keyhole don’t work? You can try removing the door handle or knob following these steps.

Step 1: Unscrew the doorknob or handle

First, locate all the screws securing the doorknob to your bathroom door. Then, get your flat head screwdriver and slide it underneath your doorknob to expose the screws. Next, using a drill or screwdriver, remove the screws.

Step 2: Remove the locking mechanism

Insert your screwdriver into the locking mechanism of your bathroom door and gently twist it. This should undo the lock. Alternatively, you can manually pull back the locking mechanism from the door, and it will open.

Method 5: Take off the door hinge

Now, let’s go through the steps of how to open a locked bedroom door when you are outsideby removing the hinges. This method will only work if the door is built to swing toward you.

Step 1: Remove the paint

If any paint is holding your door hinges, use a box knife or razor blade to remove it.

Step 2: Use a screwdriver

Start by placing the tip of your screwdriver at an angle just under the lower hinge pin. And using a hammer, tap as hard as possible on the screwdriver. Then, try pushing the hinge pin up to remove the hinge. Repeat the process for the rest of the hinges.

Method 6: Using a knife

A knife is another effective tool for opening locked bathroom doors without a keyhole. Here are tips concerning how to unlock a bathroom door with a knife.

Step 1: Cut a hole in the door

Get a sharp knife and make a hole big enough to fit your hand near the doorknob.

Step 2: Slide your hand into the hole

Next, insert your hand through the hole and grasp the knob or thumb turn. Then, turn it to open your door.

Step 3: Insert the knife between the doorframe and the edge of the door

If you don’t want to damage your door by cutting a hole into it, you can skip the above step. Simply lean against your door with force to create a gap between the door jamb and the edge of your door. Then, slide your butter knife into the space where the doorknob is located.

Step 4: Push the knife in

Next, slide your knife’s blade up and down to locate the door latch. Then, push the knife inside to remove the bolt from its unlocked position and open the door.

Method 7: Using a hammer

If all you have is a hammer within your reach, simply use it to knock down your bathroom door. This will help break your door knob and eventually detach it from your door.

Method 8: Smashing the door with your foot

You should only apply this mechanism if you are locked inside your bathroom and have no access to any tools. Also worth mentioning is that this method will only work if the door is built to open outwards.

You just need to kick the door using your most muscular foot and at the weakest spot of the doorknob. Repeat the process until the lock detaches from the door.

Method 9: Call a locksmith

The easiest method when it comes to how to unlock a push and twist door lock without hole is to find a locksmith. However, compared to other methods, the services of a locksmith can be pretty expensive if you had not budgeted for them.


You can clearly see there are many methods to open a locked bathroom door without a keyhole. However, you must determine what type of lock your bathroom door has before choosing the proper method for unlocking it. Is it a push and twist door lock, press-button lock, or privacy door knob?

Once you know the type of your door lock, you can choose to open it using the coin, screwdriver, or metallic coat hanger method. Or perhaps, you could use a plastic card, knife, hammer, or just hire the services of a locksmith.

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