Protect Sliding Glass Doors from Burglars

The 8 Best Ways To Secure A Sliding Glass Door From Burglars

Sliding glass doors provide excellent aesthetic details to the house while giving you beautiful views of outside areas. However, it’s no exaggeration to say that most sliding glass doors are easy to break by burglars.

Virtually, all a criminal needs is a brick to smash the glass and make their way into the house.

But, once you know how to protect sliding glass doors from burglars, the house will feel more secure than ever.

There are Eight conventional methods you can put in place to make the sliding doors resistant to forceful entries.

I also added a couple more that are a bit unorthodox but could be the final solution when nothing else works. Want to learn how to secure sliding glass doors? Then let’s head right in!

How to Protect Sliding Glass Door from Burglars?

This list includes different methods that you can try to protect the sliding glass door from criminals.

Some, like the security bar, are simple and affordable, while other mechanisms like the security camera are high-end and more expensive. Pick one depending on your budget, and don’t worry about burglars entering your home.

1. Shatterproof Film

Installing a shatterproof window film is an excellent way to keep outsiders from peeping into the house while allowing home residents to look outside.

The way this product works is simple: shatterproof films keep the glass together if anyone attempts to break into the house. It absorbs the impact thanks to a rubber-based adhesive coating that distributes the impact force across a large surface area.

A high-quality shatterproof film can withstand hits with bricks or other hard objects thrown at it at fast speeds. Plus, this security measure is among the most cost-effective available.

2. Window Bars

The window bar is a type of blocking bar usually placed within the tracks of the sliding window or door, effectively keeping them from opening. The concept of a window bar is straightforward: this item can be a piece of metal or wood that you can find available in different budget ranges.

However, a cheap wooden broom without the handle could pass for a window bar perfectly. Then again, if you want total protection, a high-quality window bar will offer the strength to resist forceful break-in attempts.

Even if a burglar manages to bypass the latch or lock, the window bar is a security barrier that intruders might not be able to push aside.

Tip:Don’t rely solely on a window bar. Use this item and put a lock on a sliding glass door for maximum protection.

3. Window Locks

A window lock is an old but still effective protective measure up to this day. This mechanism has latches that secure the door with enough strength to keep it from moving an inch.

If a burglar comes with a solid weapon like a crowbar, chances are they won’t make it through the patio door if the sliding glass door has a proper lock.

There are many types of sliding glass door locks, from classic keyed locks to a two-bolt locking system. These locks may also open from outside the house, but as the name suggests, a keyed lock is only accessible to people with a key.

Combining a window lock with a security bar will make it impossible for burglars to force their way inside the house.

4. Alarm System with Glass Break Detectors

Did you know that home alarms going off are among the most effective deterrents for burglars? It’s a fact that burglars are likely to turn around if there’s an alarm system installed. Therefore, securing the sliding glass doors and the surroundings with alarms is a good idea.

Still, just an alarm may not be enough in some cases. As such, installing glass break sensors on the glass as a secondary security measure would make the alarm even more effective.

If someone breaks the glass of the sliding door, a loud alarm will come off to warn the household residents and act accordingly to the situation.

5. Long Range Night Vision Security Camera

A long-range security camera can focus a minimum of 75 feet away from its original place to capture individuals. These cameras often come with a varifocal security camera, which provides a narrow-angle of view for clear images.

As a result, you can aim the camera at a specific location, such as the sliding glass door, to monitor anything that happens nearby.

High-quality security cameras like The Scope 8.0 can also pan left and right or tilt up and down. This type of camera comes with mobile apps that you can use to control the angle, zooming, and many more functions.

6. Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Lights that activate by motion detection are cost-effective devices that only come up when animals or humans get within range.

If burglars are thinking about entering your property, the lights can startle them and let them know that you or the authorities are aware of their actions. While not in use, the sensors remain idle to conserve battery life or reduce electrical usage.

There are different types of motion sensor lights. Some draw power from a battery, while others work with solar or electrical energy. Installing motion sensor lights is also helpful when you’re wandering around the house once it gets dark.

7. Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

If you care about your sliding patio door security but don’t want to set up obvious devices, install a security light bulb camera. The camera remains hidden in the light bulb, securely attached to the fixture.

It looks like a standard light bulb from outside, but the camera will secretly keep track and record any movement in the area.

This particular design makes the light bulb camera an ideal mechanism to protect the house from potential intruders unaware of the camera.

Light bulb cameras can record movement in HD and offer plenty of features for convenient use. For example, the Kuna Light Bulb Security Camera has smart security controls that you can use anywhere through your smartphone.

8. Security Pin

A security pin is a simple mechanism to keep the sliding glass door open partially or completely closed. The pin goes into the door frame to keep the active panel from moving, and it also secures the door in place to prevent burglars from lifting it off the tracks.

Additionally, pins with a spring-loaded steel ball protect the pin from getting jarred loose from its position.

Other Methods Worth Considering

The following method are less orthodox, but they may be exactly what you need depending on the situation. If none of the previous suggestions work for you, here’s what you should try.

1. Steel Security Gates

If you take your security super seriously, then a steel security gate is the ultimate mechanism to protect the sliding glass door from burglars. This type of gate is almost impenetrable due to the steel “screen,” which effectively prevents locks and glass access.

Installing a steel security gate is expensive because a lot of steel is needed to form a perimeter around the glass door. In most cases, a carpenter or a highly skilled DIYer will be necessary to get the job done.

2. Get a Dog!

Dogs are often excellent household guardians and can stop thieves from attempting to step foot into the patio. Large dogs can be intimidating, while smaller dogs can make enough noise to wake up the neighbors.

Just remember to treat the dog like another family member instead of a security prop, and they will fiercely protect the house.

3. Replace the Sliding Glass Door

If none of the other mechanisms work for you, replacing the sliding glass door is the final option. Particularly, the French door would be a nice replacement if you’re considering going for something different while keeping the beautiful aesthetics.

A french door works with the same locking mechanisms that standard doors have, which are secure from either side of the door.

In fact, the only issue you may face with a french door is if the installation goes wrong. Other than that, consider this type of door as the ideal replacement for sliding patio doors. You could even secure it with cameras, lights, or sensors to guarantee burglars never enter your home.


How to protect sliding glass doors from burglars shouldn’t be a concern with all of these tools available. Now, you should take a deep look at all of the items mentioned here and pick the one that most suits your needs.

If you like technology, a smart security camera with sensors is the way to go.

They are more expensive, but these devices offer plenty of features to control the camera from the comfort of your couch. Otherwise, go with a traditional lock and security bar. Consider the other options if none of the above is enough.

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