Put A Lock On A Door Without Drilling

Can You Put A Lock On A Door Without Drilling ?

Carrying the feeling of getting housebreaking while you are away on vacation is enough to ruin your wonderful trip. On the other hand, you are also not able to install effective locks in your house due to restrictions on drilling. As a result, wondering whether or not can you put a lock on a door without drilling?

Even if they are not a good solution, using temporary locks that don’t require drilling is a decent idea. The three types of locks currently in use are topside locks, conventional doorknobs, and lastly portable locks.

However, each of them is preferable in different situations. Let’s check their suitability in a more detailed manner!

How To  Put A Lock On A Door Without Drilling ?

Security is everyone’s first concern, therefore the producers were nice enough to create a few that don’t even need to be drilled. However, they do have advantages and disadvantages that we shall discuss later in this article.

Whether you are in a hotel room with limited security or live in an apartment where your landlord will not allow you to drill holes. Hence or otherwise, charge extra for that drilling you are going to leave behind. Thus comes the significance of a lock that requires no driller or is also called a temporary lock.

You can use that temporary lock to put a lock on a door of your choice and be threat free. Since some of them are portable as well as secure enough not to let any burglar in, they can be a great choice.

However, if you think that your doorknob is enough to protect your door when you are out on vacation, it’s not the case. You have no idea how many people have lived there and have the keys to that pre-installed doorknob.

Nevertheless, let’s check out the door lock options you currently have to make sure you are secured.

Top Side Lock

A lock for childproofing may also be an option when it comes to installing a lock without drilling. While a toddler is exploring their surroundings, you don’t want them to wander into a potentially harmful area like a kitchen. On the other hand, you also don’t want to drill holes to install a lock. The top-side lock is absolutely for you if you can relate.

No, it’s not a bedroom door lock from outside without drilling but a simple one that you can just hang up the door. Because of this, anybody who is tall enough can open it, especially if it’s something you wouldn’t use to deter theft. They are undoubtedly not secure since it is simple to recognize the lock and has the downside of being able to be unlocked from either side.

Although, from the perspective of a parent trying to keep their child safe, the possibility that it may be opened from both sides is not a drawback. Additionally, it’s a huge plus since they can shield their child from harm despite their allegiance.

Yet you may use it as a portable door lock on any door in your home. It is undeniably easy to use the locking system. Simply take the top side lock and place it on the door of your choice.

To unlock the door you will find a sliding mechanism. The door may be opened by simply gripping the bolt and moving it to the side. You may quickly remove it after your work on that room is done.

Basic Door Knob

As the name suggests, it’s the basic door knob lock that requires keys to unlock. Usually, in these door knobs, one side has a twist lock and the other has keyholes where the key is inserted to be unlocked. Thus, you can only use the keys to unlock the door lock from inside and outside as well.

Turnkey doorknobs are the term for these locks, and you should think about getting one to replace your present one. First off, installing the knobs on your door doesn’t involve any drilling. Second, anybody who has access to your old doorknob keys might potentially enter your rooms without your consent and go to places you don’t want them to.

However, the main entrance to your home should not have a no drill door lock with key installed. These appear to be something promising, yet they are genuinely not. Robbers are undoubtedly skilled, and these knobs are simply unable to deter them. A skilled pickpocket could have little trouble accessing it with a few pressure tactics.

Nevertheless, if you’re thinking of getting them to protect your youngster, you’re making a wise choice. They are unquestionably secure and effective for childproofing. Meanwhile, be sure to duplicate the keys. Your clever James Bond could get locked up and detained at some point.

Portable Locks

You will never find door locks handier than these. They offer incredibly portable locking capabilities, allowing you to lock virtually any door whenever and wherever you desire. Whether it is an unprotected door in a hotel room or a room you don’t want your visitors to peek in.

Due to the locks’ small size, you may even carry them by themselves in your baggage or your pants pocket. The only components of the lock are a steel frame and a plastic key ring.

There are only two steps needed to ensure the security of your door. The steel it comes with initially has a hole where the bolt for your knob is meant to go. To begin, just open the door from the inside and insert the bolt in between the holes.

Later on, take the attached plastic along with the steel with you and close the door. You will see a hook on the steel part that is inside, attach the plastic loop with the steel. That’s it, you have successfully lock door from outside.

Advantages Of Using Door Lock That Requires No Drilling

Everything has both positive and negative aspects. The real question is whether the benefits align with the level of convenience you desire. On the other hand, do the deficiencies reduce the value of the product for you?

Looking at its advantages can help you choose before you even consider purchasing a door lock that doesn’t require drilling. Here they are;


Getting yourself a drill-less door lock will provide you with something that a lock that requires drilling can never provide. Its portability is what makes it so appealing. Getting the portable ones will undoubtedly be helpful because drilling is the most painful part of a lock. They are transportable, so you may set them up wherever you don’t feel safe.

Installation effort and cost

Most of us often lack the technical ability to precisely drill door sizes and other things. Next comes the part where you have to make a payment.

In addition, once the drilling is done, you would have to work hard to connect it.

However, since these drill-less locks lack an installation element, you wouldn’t need to worry about that aspect. Saves you the time and money you would otherwise have to spend.


These locks are typically less expensive than normal doors. The manufacturers can charge a low price since these are not constructed of as many intricate components as a typical door lock.

Disadvantages Of Using Door Lock That Requires No Drilling

Apart from the tremendous advantages, they come with drawbacks as well. Moreover, the drawbacks are something to be noted here as they play a significant role in overall security. Let’s check them out.

Easy To Break In

Although these locks are intended to provide you with additional protection, it is unsafe to use them as major entries. The door bolt and the drilled holes are quite important in ensuring your safety from criminals. On the other hand, a portable lock uses a less dependable technological locking method and is built of various materials.

Therefore, anyone may enter it using gimmicks and mechanics. It is preferable to utilize them in locations where you don’t want somebody with a record to enter.

Pressure Handling

These locks’ capacity to withstand pressure is its most vulnerable point. Even if someone applies a lot of pressure to a conventional door, it won’t break. On the other hand, with these locks, anyone may enter in a matter of seconds by applying a moderate amount of pressure.

Where Should You Avoid Lock With No Drilling Installation?

The first areas you should avoid putting a lock without drilling are those where you don’t want someone off the record to enter. These locks can prevent someone from just entering, but they are useless against someone who would do anything to obtain access.

As previously said, heed the advice to avoid placing these locks on the front gate of your home, via which a burglar might enter the entire house.

However, using the appropriate lock in the appropriate situation is what’s most crucial in this situation. The top lock cannot be used in a position where you don’t want someone to enter because it is designed to babyproof the house.


To conclude, the answer is certainly yes to the question of can you put a lock on a door without drilling? Even though you can, you should not necessarily do so. Compared to traditional door drilling, there are more security issues.

The most secure choice among these appeared to be the simple doorknob lock that doesn’t require any drilling. However, if you want to be childproof rather than prioritize security, you should use the top lock.

On the other hand, as they may practically be carried in pockets, a portable lock will be helpful in certain circumstances. Based on their advantages and disadvantages, you ought to choose one.

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