How to Secure a Double Gate

How to Secure a Double Gate: Guide on Double Gate Security

The double gates generally act as the entry point of any home. So you need a serious way to secure it. By securing the double gate, you can burglar proof your yard and ensure the safety of your property, garden, and animals. 

Besides that, a good security measure will stop your double gates blowing shut and open and making noise due to high wind. You know why you’re securing it, and now you must be wondering how to secure a double gate. 

In this article, we’ll be covering some of the double gate latch ideas, ranging from the very basic homemade ones to technologically advanced locking devices. It’ll include some installation guides as well. Let’s begin then!

How to Secure Double Wooden Gate with Double Key

This is a common question that shows people are highly interested to installing double key locks in their double wooden gates. Check out the installation steps below if you belong to this folk!

  • Use the paper template provided by the manufacturer to mark center holes on the door’s face and edge.
  • Now drill the face with the hole saw and the edge with a spade bit
  • Make sure to mark the outline and chisel out the mortise for the lock
  • Use a felt-tip pen to mark the end
  • Leave a mark on the doorjamb with the escutcheon plate
  • Use the spade bit to drill a deadbolt hole in the jamb
  • Mark a mortise outline and use the chisel to make a plate mortise
  • Now set the plate in jamb mortise
  • Secure using long screws in the right direction 
  • Close the door and test the deadbolt to see if it works fine

Product Recommendation: Gatemate Rimlock Double Locking Bolt

If you’re looking to install one on your own, the Gatemate Double Lock makes a great choice for your garden gate or garage door security.  Here are some of its key features that are worth checking out.

Key Features

  • Suits 70 millimeters (2 and ¾’’) double gates
  • Includes all the necessary accessories for installation
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • 6-pin lock barrels
  • Includes five keys

What Type of Lock is Best for Double Gate

We will go over different double door lock types that you can consider while choosing.

Keyless Lock

The keyless lock comes without any physical key and is available in the forms of fingerprint system, Pincode system, combination lock system, and so on. These locks require smart lock door technology and are unsuitable for outdoor conditions. So you can use them for indoor gates.

Mechanical Push-Button

The mechanical push-button lock provides key-free access for mechanical entry and utility lock applications. It allows you to enter a single access code and then rotate the knob or lever that comes with the lock. These locks come with a latch bolt or deadbolt and are mostly compatible with indoor doors.

Electromagnetic or Magnetic Lock (Child Safe)

The magnetic lock or maglock is a great electromagnet and armature plate combination. It provides fast access and is also used as a child safety lock or special-purpose lock that prevents children from opening it.

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Keyed Padlock

Keyed Padlock can provide safety for your garden and yard. The padlock can be opened by a unique or master key that makes it less likely to get tempered or hacked. It includes an age-old system and is mostly used in indoor applications.

Outdoor/ Weatherproof Padlock

This is probably the best type of lock you can choose for outdoor double gates. Because of the protective coating, these locks can withstand moisture, pollution, and rain. Make sure to select a weather-proof latch and hinges for the best performance.

Biometric/Smart Padlock

A biometric padlock is a keyless lock that uses a human finger as a key. It’s a smart lock that doesn’t require any physical key. The locks are used in gates and interior doors where access is controlled.

Homemade Gate Latch ideas

You can make functional double gate latches on your own. You may not make technical latches like an adjustable flip latch for double gates, but you can surely make some basic security latches at the comfort of your home. Not only double gate, but you can also consider these ideas to make gate latches for double door windows. Let’s take a look.

Metal Latch

Metal latches are considered heavy-duty double gate latches. You can fashion a simple metal hook latch on your own. It’ll require you to bend a heavy wire into a large hook having a loop at the other side. Now use one horsenail to attach the loop end of your bent wire to the fence post and pound another one partially into the gate post to make an eye for the hook where the hook is supposed to fall to latch the gate.

Leather Latch

Another fast and easy way to make a gate latch at home is making one from the leather belt. It works best on gates having vertical posts at the ends sticking up a bit. To make this latch, you can use an old belt or other heavy-duty leather strips to form a “U” shape and simply slip it over the top of your gate’s end post. 

So, make a slit out of the strip near one of its ends. Attach the other end to the top of your fence end post. Finally, pound a big nail into the very top of your gate end post and slide the slit end of the strip over it to attach it closely.

Wood Latch

You can make the simplest wooden pivot latch for your gate in the comfort of your home. For a center pivot latch, you need to take a 1-foot board. Then drill a hole through its center and let a big nail or screw slide into it. Attach the board to your fence’s end post. Now tighten it in a way that you can turn sideways to close the gate. It should also return to the vertical position to keep the gate open. 

How to Secure A Double Wooden Gate using a cane bolt

The cane bolt for double gate makes the best choice for securing wooden gates. Check out the following steps if you’re up for this DIY mission of securing double gates using a cane bolt.

  • Hold your gate in the right position and line the latch-up
  • Choose and mark a place in the ground to create the cane bolt ground sleeve
  • Move away from the entrance and get a 12’’ copper pipe with ½’’ thickness into the ground
  • After that, open the gate and engage the lock into that pipe
  • Mark and adjust the top and bottom brackets to engage the latch fully. Also, open it far enough to keep it out of the way
  • Finally, screw the brackets into the right place and place the cane bolt into the brackets.
  • Repeat the process to install a two-way gate latch for the wooden fence

Product Recommendation: National Hardware N165-902 V836 Cane Bolts

National Hardware is one of the top manufacturers for cane bolts, and installing this cane bolt for a double gate is pretty straightforward. It features Weatherguard technology to withstand any harsh conditions. There’s more to its features; find some of the key ones below. 

Key Features

  • Compatible with single or double doors and gates in both the open and closed position
  • Features weather-guard technology
  • Non-removable
  • Bolt is lockable in raised/open position
  • Suitable for both horizontal or vertical applications
  • Includes mounting hardware

How to Wind Proof A Double Gate

Wondering whether you should find a good chain link double gate latch for your noisy gates? Well, latching is a good solution to stop the double gate from blowing open or shut. It also makes the double gate windproof and stops it from flapping around after a heavy storm.

As we said, the simplest solution to that is to install a latch on the top and bottom using brackets on the gate. This will also require you to install a cane bolt or a drop rod between the gates to lock them up. In this way, you can secure your gates using the latch, even in the open position. As a result, the wind will pass through, and the gate won’t get to swinging.


Let’s check out the answers to some of the FAQs.

1.       How do I stop my double gates from rattling?

Using the rubber stopper or foam tape is the most effective way to stop the double gates from rattling. Both these solutions will help you close the gap between your bolt and the receiver, resulting in reduced rattling.

2.       How do you brace a double gate?

 To brace a double gate, you’ll need a few turns of your wrench that’ll help tighten and lift the gate in the right position. Install the brace diagonally, going through the center of the gate, getting the hinged side and latch side positioned perfectly.

3.       How much gap do you need between double gates?

 Half to a one-inch gap is fine between double gates as they get together in the middle. This gap will allow most hinges to work properly.

4.       How do I stop my dog from crawling under the gate? 

Firstly, dig a trench between the gate posts. Then, cut a landscape timber to the length equal to the distance of the posts. And finally, position the timber into the trench.

Final Thoughts

 As we approach the end of the article, you’ve probably found your answer on how to secure a double gate. If you were in a mess, this article has a lot to get you started and help you do it yourself.It covers different lock types, product recommendations, installation guides, and DIY ideas. Securing your double gate isn’t laborious or expensive; you just need to choose the right option based on your gate criteria.