why wrap foil around door knobs

Why Wrap Foil Around Door Knobs When Home Alone?

This has been a viral topic on social media for quite a while. You might have already seen posts to wrap tin foil around the door knob. It is said that covering door knobs with tin foil can save you from much harm.

So, why wrap foil around door knobs when home alone? The most popular belief is that aliens won’t be able to read your mind if you cover your head with tin foil. Similarly, they won’t be able to enter your house if you wrap the door knob with foil.

Is it true? Can a foil save you from aliens? Let’s discuss more in this post.

What Is the Reason Behind Wrapping Foil Around Door Knobs?

Some days ago, a post went viral where the author claimed that aliens regularly come to Area 51 and have continuous contact with the US Army. The post also claimed that the US army uses aliens or different Alienware for surveillance.

With this post, a rumor went on saying aliens will come to your use and scan your brain through the hole in the door knob. They said wrapping doorknobs with foil will prevent aliens from reading your mind or harming you.

Another popular rumor about this topic was that modern surveillance cameras would penetrate your privacy through the door knobs. These posts were so aggressively spread that many believe these claims to be true. But are they actually true? Let’s find out.

Are Aliens Coming to Read Your Mind?

From the evidence gathered by scientists in different parts of the country, there is no clear proof of aliens coming to Area 51. This is a special military facility operated by the US Army, where they conduct different research. According to the responsible sources in the army, they didn’t find any solid proof of aliens coming to the country.

But What If Aliens Really Come?

Now you can ask what will happen if a group of aliens really come to your doorstep? Just think, is it even logical that a petty aluminum foil will prevent aliens from invading your house?

As aliens are pictured, a tin foil should be no hurdle for them. So, wrapping a foil won’t save you from their attacks or mind reading. No matter whether you wrap your head or the door knob with a foil, it will be of no use if aliens come. This is totally a hoax.

Why Are Door Knobs Wrapped with Foil Then?

Now we are coming to the logical reasoning of this topic. In some cases, it is useful to wrap a foil on doorknob. What are they? Find out below.

  • Protecting the Door Knob While Painting

Be it painting your new house or remodeling the old one; a paint job is crucial to give your house a clean look. But many elements might be there that don’t need paint at all. For example, the door knobs, electrical switches, etc.

If you don’t cover the door knob while painting the house, paint drippings can reach the knob. It is not easy to clean the paint drippings when they are dry, and you might damage the finish of the door knobs.

Also, the doorknob might get unusable if paint enters the knob. To protect door knobs from getting damaged, you must wrap a foil around the knob while painting or other maintenance works.

  • Ensuring Security of Your House

If it is the front door of your house, strangers can try to pick the lock sometimes. You can wrap a foil around the door handle to prevent it from being picked. Though it doesn’t guarantee complete success every time, it will be hard for intruders to pick the lock with a foil wrapped around or inserted into the keyhole.

In some cases, having small surveillance cameras hidden in the keyhole can’t be ignored. You can use a foil to wrap the door knob to prevent someone from prying on your privacy. As a result, the camera will be of no use in keeping an eye on you.

  • Keeping Your Pets from Opening the Door

Pets can sometimes be very annoying. If you are home alone and can’t watch them all the time, some mischievous pets might try to open the door knob and get out. If your pet is big enough, they can jump and rotate the door knob to open the door. You may wrap a foil around the knob to prevent them from opening the door.

When you wrap a foil around the door knob, it will be much harder for your pets to rotate the knob. As a result, they won’t be able to open the door and get outside. Keeping them inside is also important to keep them from accidents.

  • Keeping Yourself from Sleepwalking

Sometimes, you might face sleepwalking and open the door to get outside. This can be outright dangerous if you open the front door and go on the road while sleeping. To ensure you don’t get out of control, wrapping a foil around the door knob might work.

As you probably won’t remember, if a foil is wrapped, it will be difficult for you to open the door handle with a foil on.

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As a rational human being, you don’t need to believe anything you see on the internet. Some people spread misinformation just to have fun, and a group of people always tend to believe whatever they see on social media. Instead of this, you should think about the logical reasons behind any incident.

In this article, we tried to bust the myth of wrapping foil around door knobs when home alone. You should never believe this clickbait. We also showed when wrapping a foil can be useful, and those have nothing to do with aliens.

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