wrap a rubber band around door lock at night

Why Wrap a Rubber Band Around Door Lock at Night?

You might have those elastic and fantastic rubber bands all over your house. While you don’t know how to use them, a hard slamming of the door at night can be frightening. We want you to know some simple hacks using a simple rubber band.

So, why wrap a rubber band around door lock at night? Because it will tame the sound of the door slamming. Whether it is strong wind or your angry partner, your nights will be quieter with a rubber band around the door lock. Read the full article to know more.

Is This Rubber Band Hack Effective?

The first thing that might come into your mind is whether these hacks are effective at all. We often see some clickbait on the internet that claims them as hacks but doesn’t work in real life.

We want to assure you that this rubber band hack will be very effective. There will be two rubber band door lock hacks, one for the day and one for the night. Before we get into the detail, let us tell you how wrapping a rubber band might help.

Why Wrap a Rubber Band Around Door Lock at Night?

If you have already seen wrapping a rubber band on door knob and don’t know the reason, here it is. Wrapping a rubber band around the lock during the daytime is to keep the door from being closed.

Suppose you have bought a lot of groceries at the supermarket and carried them home. The car is outside, and you are bringing the bags inside. As both your hands are occupied with heavy loads, it is pretty difficult for you to twist the knob repeatedly.

This is when the rubber band trick comes in handy. You can prevent the latch from locking the door by wrapping a rubber band around the lock. Another good use of a rubber band around the door knob is at night.

You always deserve a quiet and peaceful environment, especially at night. If you have trouble sleeping, the slightest noise of closing the door might slam your ears. Wrapping a rubber band around the doorknob will tame the sound of the door slamming. Often, kids may slam doors while playing. Even adults can slam doors because of rage.

To keep your sleep unharmed, you can put a rubber band around door knob. We will show you how to do these hacks in detail. Let’s proceed.

How to Do the Rubber Band Around Door Knob Hack?

As we are going to show you two hacks, we will break the processes down into two sections. The first one is to use during the day and the second one is for the nighttime.

Rubber Band Hack for Keeping the Door Open

You will need a small and strong rubber band for this trick. The main target here is to keep the latch inside the door so that it doesn’t close. Let’s see how you can do it.

  • Open the door and hold the knob where the latch is inside the door.
  • Take a rubber band and wrap it around the door knob on one side.
  • Twist the rubber band now so that it forms a cross pattern.
  • Wrap the band around the door knob on the other side of the door.
  • The trick is to prevent the latch from coming out of the door. So, you need to place the cross pattern directly onto the latch.
  • If the rubber band is tight enough to hold the latch, the door won’t close repeatedly.

Now, you can easily carry heavy goods home while opening the door just with your legs or shoulders. This door knob hack is very useful, especially when home alone.

Rubber Band Hack for Taming the Door Noise

This one doesn’t involve a criss-cross pattern. Let us show you the process in detail so that you can use the hack when needed.

  • Take a rubber band that is thicker than the others. Thin rubber bands might not work in this case.
  • Open the door and wrap the rubber band around the door know on one side.
  • Stretch the band and reach the other side of the doorknob. Wrap the band on this side too, but don’t twist the band to form a criss-cross pattern.
  • And make sure the band doesn’t hinder the door latch. Otherwise, the door won’t close.

Now, you have a door that won’t make a loud noise when closed forcefully. The thick rubber band around the edge of the door will dampen the noise, and you can sleep more peacefully at night. You can also use a rubber band with vertical hooks if you have them.

Rubber Band Tricks You Should Be Careful About

If you aren’t aware of some rubber band hacks, you might be harmed by persons with evil intentions. Here is a common trick you need to know.

Sometimes, you might hear a knock or slam on the door. But when you peek through the hole, there won’t be anyone. In such cases, don’t open the door at all. If you open the door, the man or woman behind the door will use rubber band props to keep the door latch open.

As a result, you won’t be able to close the door, and they will forcefully enter the house. This can result in kidnapping, looting, or even killing.


We wanted you to learn some very effective rubber band hacks. These hacks don’t need anything other than a simple rubber band. You can wrap the band around the doorknob to either keep the door open or prevent the door from creating noise.

Depending on your purposes, you just need to alter the orientation of the rubber band. These simple tricks will reduce a lot of your hassle and stress.

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